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How They Got Game

Check out their new website of How They Got Game, a project which has focused on the history of interactive simulations and digital games since it began in 2000.

"The aim of the How They Got Game research project is to explore the history and cultural impact of a crucial segment of New Media: interactive simulations and video games. The current generation of video and PC games has established genres that effectively use narrative, competitive, and play structures for community-based interaction, performance and content development, and push the boundaries of computer-generated animation, graphics, and audio."

One of the key players, Henry Lowood, an instructor in gaming and virtual worlds, is the Curator for the History of Science and Technology Collections in Green Library.

Games, The Rhetoric of (Spring 2008)

The Rhetoric of Games (Thomson PWR 1) Winter 2008
Librarian: Chris Bourg,

Getting Started

Before you start searching for resources, take a few minutes to figure our what kinds of resources you need for your paper.

  • Do you need an overview of your topic, or some background information?
  • Do you need books or journal articles?
  • Do you expect to find information about your topic in newspaper articles?
  • Do you need to view some films or read some popular magazines for your paper?
  • Will statistics or images be helpful in your paper?

This Research Guide provides information on finding all kinds of resources. If you need a type of resource not listed here, just Ask Us!

Background/Reference Materials

Reference books provide overviews of a topic, usually include bibliographies for further reading, and can be very helpful when you are selecting a topic, or when you need reliable background information.

To Locate quality Reference sources try:

Search strategies for books

To find books on your specific topic:

  • Search Socrates using a few keywords that describe your topic. Use Simple Search and select Search Everything (a broader search) or Subject (a narrower search).
  • Find an interesting book in the list of results. Look at the Detailed Record. Note the Subject (LC) headings and the Call Number. Click on “Nearby Items on Shelf” to find similar books.
  • Click on the link for the relevant Subject (LC) headings to find more books.
  • Use the Call Number to find a relevant book in the stacks, and browse the shelves for other related books.

Call number range for SPORTS: GV557-1198.995
Call number range for GAMES: GV1199-1570

Some sample searches related to Games, Sports, and Recreation:

To find Newspaper and Magazine articles

Recommended News databases for recent news:

  • LexisNexis: Allows you to search major U.S. and world news sources, TV and Radio transcripts, as well as selected Blog content.
  • Global Newsbank: contains material from hundreds of news sources from around the world including wire services, broadcasts, transcripts, newspapers and periodicals
  • AltPress Watch: full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals from alternative and independent presses.
  • Ethnic Newswatch: An interdisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) and comprehensive full text database of newspapers, magazines and journals from ethnic, minority and native presses.

To find Scholarly Journal Articles and Statistics

Use a Database to find scholarly journal articles

HINT: If you don't see a Full-Text or PDF link for an article in your results, use the link to see your other options for Full-Text or print.

Some suggested database for “Game or Sports” topics:

  • Sports business research network: SBRnet provides searchable news and market research from the National Sporting Goods Association and other industry sources on all aspects of sporting goods, sports equipment, participation, broadcasting and marketing
  • Academic Search Premier: A multidisciplinary database which provides full-text for over 4,650 scholarly and popular publications. Includes topics in the social sciences, humanities, general science, education and most areas of academic study.
  • ProQuest Social science module: Full-text access to articles in many major journals in sociology, political science, economics, etc. You can also search newspapers, by clicking “select multiple databases” link and adding Alt-Press Watch, Ethnic Newswatch, and ProQuest Newspapers.
  • CSA Illumina: Can search Communication Studies, ERIC (Education), Political Science Full-Text, Sociological Abstracts, and Sociology Full-Text simultaneously.
  • iPoll databank @ the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research: IPoll is a comprehensive, up-to-date source for US nationwide public opinion. A full-text retrieval system, the iPoll online database is organized at the question level, providing the tools to sift through nearly a half million questions asked on national public opinion surveys, 1935 to present.
  • Google Scholar: Searches a subset of scholarly materials selected by Google. Stanford pays for many resources listed in Google Scholar. Use the link to see how to get an item from Stanford.

Cool websites:

Video Games at Green Libray:
Did you know that the Media Microtext Center in Green Library has a computer gaming complex?
We have Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Sony Playstation 2, Atari, Vectrex, and an Apple 2e system. Computer videogames in the library collections can be found in Socrates, or on our Video Game Collection page.

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