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Laptops: data can be stolen even after shutdown

So you thought your encrypted data was safe, particularly when you shut down your laptop? Not necessarily so, according to a paper released by researchers at Princeton. Apparently the active memory chips, or DRAM, hold onto data for a number of seconds even after you shut down your computer. By using a can of compressed air to spray the chip, it lowers the temperature, preserving its memory for up to ten minutes. Read more.

Printing: laptop access to Library printers

Can I print from my laptop here in Green to a Green Library printer?

Yes you can. All the directions to set up your laptop for accessing networked printers on Campus are on the Printing web site. The box at the side, Printer Setup Instructions, tells about each system configuration. The list of printer names on Campus, including the Libraries, is at View Printers for: on this page. However, the library list of room locations for particular printer names is on the Libraries' website.

Wireless at Stanford

Question: Where can I find information about wireless at Stanford?

Answer: For detailed information on wireless at Stanford, refer to the following link:

Wireless at Stanford

Here are some quick notes on wireless at Stanford:

    • The libraries offer wireless access, with some restrictions at branch libraries
    • Meyer, Green and Cubberley library allow visitors to connect to the wireless network as long as they have a SUNet ID.
    • Wireless access within the walls of a branch library is ONLY accessible by devices that have been registered in Stanford's network database (Netdb). [Only until we migrate to the ITS wireless network in April/May 2008]
    • Wireless access is available around MoonBean's Cafe

Please use the above link to get more information.

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