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Climate Change

Q&A: Congressional Committee Print

I'm looking for something that is listed on Lexis Nexis Congressional as a Committee Print, called The Facts and Science of Climate Change, done by Congressman Inhofe. There are no listings for this item in Socrates, Melvyl or WorldCat. Was it never distributed to Federal depository libraries?

While many Committee Prints are distributed to depositories via GPO [Government Printing Office], not all are. This is up to the Committees in question. This one was never distributed. However, it is available on the web from the Committee's web site.

Q&A: Bali climate change conference, December 2007

How do I find out about the December conference in Bali about climate change?

A good place to start would be the official website of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Bali, Indonesia, from December 3-14, 2007. This includes all sorts of reports, webcasts, and links, including information on the Kyoto Protocol of 1997. See also the pages of the United Nations Environment Programme, which sponsored the conference.

Other sites open to all include the Environmental News Network, which is a great source for environmental news.(Search under Ecosystems or Climate.) See also Greenpeace under Topics: Global Warming and Energy. The New York Times public site has a lot of information. It also has a blog.

Grist is another helpful environmental blog.

We also subscribe to some databases that would be good for this topic, including Global Newsbank (See Special Reports - World Environment - UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). See also America's Newspapers.

Stanford has many books (browse especially the subject Climatic changes) including Architectures for agreement: addressing global climate change in the post-Kyoto world (Cambridge University Press, 2007) at the Law School Library. Other resources are available at the Biology Library.

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