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Project Manager Position Available

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Position: Project Manager

Drs. Greg Walton , Geoff Cohen, & Omid Fotuhi

Research Area: Social psychology/Health psychology: The social psychology lab will be conducting research on psychological well-being and psychological resilience through a series of online studies, in-lab experiments, and community sample studies. Current areas of interest include psychological interventions, experiential data collection, and health behaviour. Students interested in Social Psychology and Health Psychology will have the opportunity to work with graduate students on innovative research projects in psychological interventions. This allows students to be deeply involved in a project and gain a solid understanding of process of designing and conducting a study.

Duties: TBD

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will be well organized, have an interest in psychological research, able to work independently, and keen to learn. Past research experience and computer skills are preferred but not required.

Some experience leading and manager projects is required.

How to apply: Please submit: (1) Resume; (2) Unofficial transcript; and, (3) a cover letter. Please send these three documents, along with any questions, to , or call 650-669-7550.