Iza Kremer (1889-1956)

Aside from the gentlemen who  bring <to Petersburg> a little sun and many sardines in exotic wrapping, I believe we shall soon see the fecund, vital influence of the Russian South, the Russian Odessa--perhaps (qui sait?), the only city in Russia where a Russian Maupassant whom need so much may be born. Small signs are tickling in already auguring the future: I have in mind the Odessa singers (Iza Kremer in particular), with their small voice but full of joy, beautifully expressed joy, with their vigor, lightness of touch, and their charming--now melancholy, now touching--feeling for life--good, mean and and extraordinarily--quand mme et malgr tout--interesting....

Isaac Babel, "Odessa. My Notes" (1916)

Listen to Iza Kremer singing her "Memories" (MP3)