Past Talks

Summer 2019

06/21/2019Henry Lee (Harvard) [abstract]
07/24/2019Stephanie Gil (Arizona State University) [abstract]
08/02/2019Haim Permuter (Ben Gurion University) [abstract][video]
08/30/2019Ramya Vinayak (University of Washington) [abstract][video]
09/06/2019Lav R. Varshney (Salesforce Research & UIUC) [abstract][video]

Spring 2019

05/03/2019Suhas Diggavi (UCLA) [abstract][video]
05/10/2019Jonathan Dotan (Stanford) [abstract][video]
05/24/2019Lior Pachter (Caltech) [abstract][video]
05/31/2019Olgica Milenkovic (UIUC) [abstract][video]
06/07/2019Isaac Kim (Stanford) [abstract][video]

Winter 2019

01/11/2019Keith Winstein (Stanford) [abstract][video]
01/18/2019Timnit Gebru (Google Ethical AI) [abstract][video]
01/25/2019Paul Cuff (Renaissance Technologies) [abstract][video]
02/01/2019Clément Canonne (Stanford) [abstract][video]
02/08/2019Philip B. Stark (UC Berkeley) [abstract][video]
02/22/2019Feng Ruan (Stanford) [abstract][video]
03/01/2019William Yu (Harvard) [abstract][video]
03/08/2019Andreas Lenz (TU Munich) [abstract][video]
03/15/2019Manikanta Kotaru (Stanford) [abstract][video]

Fall 2018

09/28/2018Flavio Calmon (Harvard) [abstract][video]
10/05/2018Zhengyuan Zhou (Stanford) [abstract][video]
10/05/2018Oron Sabag (Ben-Gurion) [abstract][video]
10/12/2018Uzi Pereg (Technion) [abstract][video]
10/26/2018Jonathan Weed (MIT) [abstract][video]
11/09/2018Ziv Goldfeld (MIT)[abstract][video]
11/30/2018Sreeram Kannan (University of Washington)[abstract][video]
12/07/2018Misha Sra (MIT)[abstract][video]

Summer 2018

08/24/2018Jingbo Liu (Princeton) [abstract]

Spring 2018

04/13/2018Jun Chen (McMaster University) [abstract]
05/04/2018Yury Polyanskiy (MIT) [abstract]
05/18/2018Léo Mialane (Inria, ENS Paris) [abstract]
05/23/2018 (Special Seminar)Yuxin Chen (Princeton University) [abstract]
06/13/2018Nir Shlezinger (Technion) [abstract]

Winter 2018

01/26/2018Ilias Diakonikolas (USC) [abstract]
02/02/2018Ilya Soloveychik (Harvard) [abstract]
02/09/2018Raymond Yeung (CUHK) [abstract]
02/23/2018Yuantao Gu (Tsinghua) [abstract]
03/09/2018Ram Zamir (Tel Aviv University) [abstract]
03/16/2018Yao Xie (Georgia Tech) [abstract]

Fall 2017

10/06/2017Zhengyuan Zhou (Stanford) [abstract]
10/13/2017Jiantao Jiao (Stanford) [abstract]
11/10/2017Mina Karzand (MIT) [abstract]

Spring 2017

04/17/2017Vincent Y. F. Tan (National University of Singapore) [abstract]

Winter 2017

01/13/2017Pritam Mukherjee (Stanford) [abstract]
01/20/2017Kevin Jamieson (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
01/27/2017Lele Wang (Stanford) [abstract]
02/10/2017Ziv Goldfeld (Ben-Gurion University) [abstract]
02/17/2017Nir Weinberger (Tel Aviv University) [abstract]
02/24/2017Xiugang Wu (Stanford) [abstract]
03/03/2017Victoria Kostina (Caltech) [abstract]

Fall 2016

09/30/2016Paul Cuff (Princeton) [abstract]
10/07/2016Rashmi K. Vinayak (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
10/21/2016Alon Kipnis (Stanford) [abstract]
10/28/2016Ashish Khisti (University of Toronto) [abstract]
11/04/2016Aditya Mahajan (McGill University) [abstract]
11/11/2016Somayeh Sojoudi (UC Berkeley) [abstract]

Spring 2016

04/01/2016Yudong Chen (Cornell) [abstract]
04/15/2016Can Emre Koksal (Ohio State University) [abstract]
04/22/2016Taesup Moon (DGIST) [abstract]
04/29/2016Nihar Shah (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
05/06/2016Itai Ashlagi (Stanford) [abstract]
05/20/2016Michelle Effros (Caltech) [abstract]
06/03/2016Sidharth Jaggi (CUHK) [abstract]

Winter 2016

1/8/2016Xiugang Wu (Stanford) [abstract]
01/15/2016Weijie Su (Stanford) [abstract]
01/22/2016Yash Deshpande (Stanford) [abstract]
02/05/2016Álvaro Martín (Instituto de Computación, Universidad de la República, Uruguay) [abstract]
02/12/2016Gregory Valiant (Stanford) [abstract]
03/11/2016Christos Thrampoulidis (Caltech) [abstract]

Fall 2015

10/9/2015Emrah Akyol (UIUC) [abstract]
10/15/2015Soheil Feizi (MIT) [abstract]
10/23/2015Alon Kipnis (Stanford) [abstract]
11/06/2015Paul Cuff (Princeton) [abstract]
11/13/2015Fernando Rosas (KU Leuven) [abstract]
11/20/2015Veniamin Morgenshtern (Stanford) [abstract]
12/04/2015Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti (Stanford) [abstract]

Summer 2015

7/24/2015Yariv Ephraim (George Mason University) [abstract]

Spring 2015

4/3/2015Anant Sahai (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
4/10/2015Yury Polyanskiy (MIT) [abstract]
4/17/2015Yuchen Zhang (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
5/1/2015Vivek Goyal (Boston University) [abstract]
5/8/2015Nadia Fawaz (Technicolor) [abstract]
5/15/2015Chandra Nair (CUHK) [abstract]
5/22/2015Prakash Ishwar (Boston University) [abstract]
5/29/2015Ayfer Ozgur Aydin (Stanford) [abstract]
6/5/2015Awni Hannun (Baidu Research) [abstract]

Winter 2015

1/9/2015Ciprian Chelba (Google) [abstract]
1/30/2015Abhishek Gupta (USC) [abstract]
2/6/2015Anatoly Khina (Tel Aviv University) [abstract]
2/13/2015Haim Permuter (BGU) [abstract]
2/20/2015Sharad Goel (Stanford) [abstract]
3/6/2015Yonatan Kaspi (UCSD) [abstract]
3/13/2015Sudeep Kamath (Princeton) [abstract]

Fall 2014

9/12/2014Jiaming Xu (UIUC) [abstract]
10/3/2014Ofer Shayevitz (Tel Aviv University)[abstract]
10/10/2014Afonso Bandeira (Princeton University)[abstract]
10/17/2014Siddhartha Banerjee (Stanford University)[abstract]
10/24/2014Kartik Venkat (Stanford University)[abstract]
10/31/2014Patrick Hayden (Stanford University)[abstract]
11/07/2014Thomas Courtade (UC Berkeley)[abstract]

Spring 2014

4/4/2014Emina Soljanin (Bell Labs)[abstract]
4/25/2014Sreeram Kannan (UC Berkeley)[abstract]
5/16/2014Daniel Russo (Stanford)[abstract]
5/23/2014Gireeja Ranade (UC Berkeley)[abstract]

Winter 2014

1/24/2014Surya Ganguli (Stanford University)[abstract]
1/31/2014Emrah Akyol (USC)[abstract]
2/7/2014Gregory Valiant (Stanford)[abstract]
3/7/2014John S. Baras (University of Maryland College Park)[abstract]

Fall 2013

9/27/2013Or Ordentlich (Tel Aviv University)[abstract]
10/11/2013Nadia Fawaz (Technicolor Palo Alto)[abstract]
10/18/2013Carlos Fernández-Granda (Stanford)[abstract]
10/25/2013Maya Gupta (Google) [abstract]
11/1/2013Ayfer Ozgur Aydin (Stanford) [abstract]
11/8/2013Marcelo Weinberger (Stanford) [abstract]
11/15/2013Lisa Giocomo (Stanford) [abstract]
12/6/2013Jinyuan Chen (Stanford)[abstract]

Spring 2013

4/1/2013Victoria Kostina (Princeton)[abstract]
4/19/2013Michelle Effros (Caltech)[abstract]
5/3/2013Eren Sasoglu (UCSD)[abstract]
5/10/2013John Duchi (UC Berkeley)[abstract]
5/10/2013Zhiying Wang (Caltech)[abstract]
5/24/2013Robert Gray (Stanford)[abstract]
5/31/2013Abbas El Gamal (Stanford)[abstract]
6/14/2013Muriel Medard (MIT)[abstract]

Winter 2013

1/18/2013Galen Reeves (Stanford)[abstract]
1/25/2013Sergio Verdu (Princeton)[abstract]
2/8/2013Yuxin Chen (Stanford)[abstract]
2/15/2013Adel Javanmard (Stanford)[abstract]
2/22/2013Tsachy Weissman (Stanford)[abstract]
3/1/2013Sidharth Jaggi (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)[abstract]
3/8/2013Oren Somekh (Yahoo! Labs)[abstract]

Fall 2012

10/26/2012Sergio Verdu (Princeton)[abstract]
11/2/2012Sergio Verdu (Princeton)[abstract]
11/9/2012Jiantao Jiao (Stanford)[abstract]
11/16/2012Thomas Courtade (Stanford)[abstract]
11/30/2012Amir Ingber (Stanford)[abstract]