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Welcome Prospective Karate Students!

Stanford Kenpo Karate welcomes beginning karate students for the Academic Quarter. Please explore our website to see if Stanford Kenpo is right for you! Kenpo requires no prior martial arts experience and accommodates all levels of fitness. We take new students for the first two to three weeks of every quarter. Be sure to stop by class and see what Kenpo is all about. If you have particular questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or feel free to contact us. You can sign up for the new quarter in the sheet here.


Women's Self Defense Workshop - Coming up Feb 9

Join us for our annual Women's Self Defense Workshop, where you'll learn how to effectively defend yourself against a variety of potential attacks. You'll get to practice full-force self-defense on our club members to feel what a real situation is like and learn that you DO have the strength to fight back! Click here here to learn more and to sign up now!

What is Kenpo and why should I try it?

Self-Defense: Kenpo is a unique style that centers around teaching students practical and efficient self-defense skills.

Instruction: Our black belts each have 12+ years of experience in Kenpo and focus on providing personal, positive instruction, often in small groups or even 1-on-1.

Fitness: Improve your conditioning, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Self-Confidence: Build self-confidence for all aspects of life - not just walking down dark alleys.

Stress Relief: Leave the pressures of Stanford student life at the door and walk away feeling ready to take on the next challenge.

Community: Kenpo is a tight-knit and welcoming family. Make new friends and enjoy club social activities, including yearly trips to Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe.

Approchable: We take pride in developing students starting from their very first class - no previous experience is needed.


How is Kenpo different from other SMAP martial arts?

We believe that Kenpo is the group to come to for learning practial real-world self-defense skills. Other SMAP clubs also teach self-defense, and we welcome you to try several classes of Kenpo and other styles as well. Kenpo as a style is known for fast, effective strikes to vulnerable targets using both hands and feet. It is a modern, constantly evolving style that incorporates the best of other styles as well - several of our instructors hold black belts in other martial arts including Escrima and Jujitsu. In addition, no other group has more talented and experienced instructors than Stanford Kenpo. Our Head instructor, Ms. Minneti, brings her background as a professional educator to our club and ensures a consistently high level of instruction from our black belts.


How do I try Kenpo?

Just show up! New students are accepted during the first few weeks of each academic quarter at Stanford. Everyone is welcome to try out Kenpo for several classes before paying dues for the quarter or buying a uniform. Come wearing loose fitting pants and a plain t-shirt. If possible, bring a signed waiver, and please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class on your first day.


Meeting Times and Location

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:30pm - 8:30pm in Burnham Pavilion
Saturday: 10am - Noon(For advanced students. Optional for beginners) in the Ford Center (the same building as Burnham)

Burnham Pavilion is located at 615 Serra Street, in the back of the Ford Center, at the corner of Serra & Galvez.( [campus map]   [google map]) Enter through the doors of Ford Center, go straight down the hallway to the gym at the back of the building. Look for the people with the black uniforms (gis). Note that you will need a Stanford ID in order to enter the gym. If you do not have a Stanford ID, please contact us if you plan on attending so that we can make proper arrangements for entry.




Quarterly fees are $50 for students, faculty, and staff. Quarterly fees for community members not affiliated with Stanford are $100. Make checks payable to ASSU Stanford Kenpo Karate Association and indicate your Stanford I.D. on the check (if you have one).



Club members are required to wear a black karate uniform (gi) to all classes. The cost of the uiform is $50, and includes the gi, a white belt, mouthguard (for sparing), and a club T-shirt. Male students are also required to wear a protective athletic cup, which can be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

Course Credit


Kenpo is officially a student club, but Stanford students can enroll in course Athletic 78M to earn credit for their participation. In order to obtain satisfactory credit for taking the course, the athletic department requires a minimum of 21 hours of particpation (Which is easily covered by the normal class hours). Instructions are under the Club Information section.

For all our current members, remember that we're always looking for more people to join Stanford Kenpo, so make sure to help out with our recruiting activities. Put up flyers, participate in demos, and most importantly bring your friends!


Waiver Online

The club waiver is available online! If you are new to the club and have yet to sign a copy of the club waiver, print out a copy, read it, sign it, and bring it to class with you. Waivers are usually available at class, but signing one beforehand saves time and ensures we don't run out.

The waiver is available in the club information section.


How to tie your belt
tshem - 10.11.2001

Many students have asked about how to tie the belt properly. One of the most common methods is illustrated on our website. See it by going to the Belt Requirements page or by clicking here.

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