Other Correspondence

New documents

Scholars with experience working in different archives and libraries around the world can contribute to our catalog of Kircher correspondence found outside of the Pontifical Gregorian University. We are currently developing a structure to facilitate the submission of archival information to the editors, but for the moment any relevant information can simply be submitted to Suzanne Sutherland Duchacek (srsuther@stanford.edu). While we cannot offer any reward for information leading to the discovery of hitherto unknown Kircher manuscripts except the gratitude of the scholarly community, the source of any information submitted in this way will be fully acknowledged when the documents are incorporated into the database.

The following document is a preliminary checklist of the correspondence and manuscripts of Athanasius Kircher. The list was compiled by Michael John Gorman and Nick Wilding, and supplemented by Iva Lelkova. The information in the document is arranged according to location. Click on the following link to download a copy of the document Kircher Correspondence and Manuscripts.

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