Accessing the Kircher Correspondence

Download the Insight 6.3 client

Please note that this software is quite old, and may require that you install a legacy version of Java before running it.  Unfortunately, the Kircher collection (likewise very old!) is only available in this version of the software.

Open the Kircher collection in Insight

If you have already downloaded and installed the Insight program, launch Insight…

  • from your Windows Start Menu (usually Start — Programs — Luna Imaging — Insight 6.3), or
  • from your Macintosh OS-X desktop shortcut, dock, or Applications folder, depending on where you’ve installed it

Insight should not require you to log in if installed from the above links, but if it does, enter “stanford” (lower case, without the quote marks) for both username and password.


The most common issue with this version of Insight is that the “Authentication server” (as shown in the login dialog) becomes incorrectly configured during installation; it should be “”

To fix this, do the following:

  • Find the folder in which the Insight client was installed (for Windows, most likely in the Program Files folder; for Mac, often on the Desktop or in the Applications folder).  In that folder will be a text file called “Insight.dat“. You’ll need to edit this file (using any plain text editor), changing three lines in your own “Insight.dat” file as follows:
  • About 15 lines from the top of the file, edit this line to read as follows:

    UserServerAddress1 =

  • About 24-25 lines from the top, edit these two lines to read as follows:

    DefaultUserName = stanford
    DefaultUserPassword = stanford

  • Save and close the file.
  • When you next launch Insight, you should be logged in automatically, and should see all of our collections, including Kircher, in the first menu you encounter.

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