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xDNA: Toward A New Genetic System with Expanded Size

This project addresses the question of whether other genetic systems beside the natural one might be functional. Inspired by the early work of Leonard three decades ago, we have designed and synthesized new DNA bases that are larger than the natural ones by the addition of a benzene ring. Significantly, all the expanded-size nucleobases are fluorescent. We have shown that these can be assembled into large, and very stable, DNA-like helices. Recent work has shown that xDNA base pairs can be synthesized by polymerase enzymes, and especially exciting is our finding that they can function in a living cell, retaining the ability to encode sequence and even code for amino acids.


Our Future Goals:

• Find and develop new polymerase enzymes that can replicate long strands of xDNA

• Develop biological tools that exploit the fluorescence of xDNA and its high helix stability

• Explore the activity of xDNA in bacterial and eukaryotic cells

• Synthesize and study xRNA – a new large-sized RNA analog

• Study nonbiological applications of xDNA as a molecular wire and in nanostructures

• Synthesize more extreme forms of expanded DNA




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