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Nathan Volman

Doctoral Candidate and Medical Student

Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Medicine


Doctoral Candidate, Medical Student and Stanford Electrical Engineering Department Fellow developing medical electronics for the mobile age and the coming Internet of Things. My current research is in cardiovascular mobile health and remote patient monitoring. Prior to joining the Kovacs group I was focused on designing MEMS sensors integrated into extremely robust neural networks. During my undergraduate career I held internships at Berkeley, USC, and UCSF in diverse areas such as cardiovascular disease, MEMS immunosensors, biomimetic microfluidics, and fetal brain tractography. I also cofounded the Berkeley chapter of Engineering World Health where I led fellow students in the design and production of medical devices for the developing world. I am currently preparing a device for clinical trials at Stanford Hospital & Clinics in early 2015.


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, (2016)
M.S., Medicine, Stanford University, (2015)
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2013
B.S., Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2010
B.S., Bioengineering, UC Berkeley, 2010

Research Interests

Biomedical Electronics, Telemedicine, Mobile Health, Embedded Systems, Remote Monitoring, Internet of Things, Cardiological and Orthopedic Medical Devices, Computer Vision, Low-Cost Design

Contact Information

Stanford University
Allen Building
Room 225X
Stanford, CA 94305

Email: nvolman "at" stanford "dot" edu