POLISCI- 45N: Civil War Narratives

Preference to freshmen. Focus is on a new statistics-based theory to account for the susceptibility of countries to civil war. How to write a theory-based historical narrative. Students write and present an original historical narrative focusing on how well the theory explains a particular history and on the importance of factors that are absent from the theory in explaining civil war onsets.


POLISCI-244U/344U : Political Culture

Implications of cultural coordination and cultural difference for political processes and institutions.


POLISCI-440A: Theories in Comparative Politics

Theories addressing major concerns in the comparative field including democracy, regime change, the state, revolutions, national heterogeneity, and economic performance.


POLISCI-440C: Methods in Comparative Politics

 Current methodological standards in comparative politics. Students develop their own research design that meets these standards.