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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Job Description

Research Assistant at the Center for Infant Studies in the Department of Psychology (Director: Prof. Anne Fernald), where we do experimental research on early language development. As an RA, you will help up with participant recruitment, running experiments with infants and children, and data coding and analysis. This is a terrific lab community with lots of student participation.


No previous research experience is necessary! What's essential is that you bring to this work a desire to learn, high energy, a positive and professional attitude, and meticulous attention to detail in the many different jobs you'll be asked to perform.

Conscientiousness, good organizational and interpersonal skills and punctuality are essential. You will work independently as well as part of a research team. Basic computer skills required (e.g. Microsoft Office).

For applicants who are bilingual native speakers of Spanish, we also have research opportunities working with Spanish-learning children at our community lab in Sunnyvale.

Work Options

Paid job - open to students eligible for FEDERAL WORK STUDY:
Flexible hours, from 8 to 20 hrs/week possible

Volunteer Research Internship for ACADEMIC CREDIT:
9 hrs/wk for 3 units through Psychology, Human Biology or Symbolic Systems

Please send a statement of interest to Monica Munevar (Lab Manager) | 650-723-1257

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