Procedure for YBP-shelf ready titles—Fall 2016

1. Match piece with bibliographic record

2. Using OCLC # in bib record (035 field), compare the record in Symphony with the OCLC version. If only a few edits to make—e.g., adding contents, adjusting a call number, then consider only editing local record. If more changes, then edit OCLC record in save file for overlaying Symphony record. If the OCLC record used by YBP is inappropriate, delete holdings and overlay with appropriate record, and catalog as non-YBP copy. Holdings will be added via batch process.

3. Adjust parts of the record, as appropriate (mostly for only making changes to Symphony record)

• edit 245 to match piece, if needed (including $c)
• fix cuttering if it conflicts with other pieces
• fix spacing of call # in call no-item tab (especially double cutters—batchloaded items do not space correctly)
• add 246 fields as appropriate
• edit 504 fields as necessary (correct to RDA standards, show range of pages, etc.)
• add 505 fields as appropriate (may copy-paste from OCLC master record and/or add to master record and overlay)
• delete additional summary (520) fields—use only one
• if needed, edit 520 to display as summary (i.e., no indicators); add $c for source of note, as needed
• addition/editing of linking fields (e.g., adding 775, re-coding 775 to 775 18, etc.) as needed
• extent if it does not appear according to library practice (i.e., complicated pagination etc.)
• delete any fields not used by Law, i.e., non-LCSH 6XX fields, etc.
• delete inappropriate 856 fields, e.g., cover images
• edit 040/Enc_Lvl as needed
• correct any errors

3. Local cataloging practice/procedure
Check for faculty and alums

4. For double cutters, adjust call number in item info tab (will need space between class number and first cutter). Change home location; control tab—change to TODAY

5. Verify which pieces should be jacketed and mylar-covered, if jacket supplied

6. Physical processing: Add location tape as needed; add jackets/change barcodes (if jacketed/relabel as necessary (Vrooman, jacketed)); add bookplates as needed. NOTE: Some pieces from YBP have an envelope containing the spine label inserted, if label placement was uncertain.

7. Some records may have a 940 note indicating special location (e.g., Wellness wall)—follow this accordingly. Instructions on an inserted routing slip take precedence over this field.

8. Take statistics

CEB ONLINE Procedure March 28, 2012

  • First group: Titles for which we have print editions:

Alexandra will check for open order records and serials controls and take care of these before sending to cataloging.

Cataloging will create a record for the electronic edition, using the print record as a template.  Record will stay NEVER.

856 |u|zAvailable to SLS community only.|zFor assistance ask at Law Reference desk. Choose subject area and then title from list.

2. Remove the print record from the catalog by withdrawing it.

No editing of the existing call numbers needs to be done. Simply change location to WITHDRAWN.

3. Remove older editions using established procedures for WITHDRAWN items (i.e. DIGISEND or not DIGISEND). In all cases one call number must remain to be WITHDRAWN so that holdings are deleted from OCLC.

4. Statistics
• Count each edition as a different title. If monographs, count as monographs, titles withdrawn. If serials, count as Titles Withdrawn: Contin
• Count the number of volumes discarded; either monographs or serials.
• Add back under INTERNET RESOURCES: New titles: serial or monograph.

5. Return print volumes to Alexandra, who is going to try to rehome these.

  • Second group: Titles for which we do not have print editions:

1. Either bring in a record for the print and modify it, or create a minimal record in Sirsi, depending upon what is easiest.

856 |u|zAvailable to SLS community only; for assistance ask at Law Reference desk. Choose subject area and then title from list.

2. Leave as NEVER.

3. Take statistics.