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Welcome to the Digital Language Lab

Mission Statement

The Digital Language Lab’s mission is to provide resources, facilities, and support for language instruction and learning to the entire Stanford community.mainsign State-of-the-art teaching spaces, enterprise level software resources, and expert support personnel combine to make the Stanford Digital Language Lab a dynamic and highly efficient teaching and learning facility. The Digital Language Lab is the multilingual computing and assessment hub at Stanford, offering reliable audio and video recording capability, foreign language digital media content, and software images to support computing in multiple foreign character sets. The lab also hopes to serve as physical and virtual cross-cultural encounter environment. The lab supports a variety of large scale online assessments in CourseWork, including Oral Diagnostic Assessments (ODAs), EFS placement reading tests, and 600+ Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews (SOPIs) every Spring Quarter.


The Stanford Digital Language Lab opened in April 1999 as a joint venture between the Stanford Libraries, Academic Computing and the Stanford Language Center. A generous donation from the President’s Fund covered much of the cost of this sizable renovation. The design of the Lab reflects a dramatic shift away from conventional modes of delivering foreign language instruction toward the Stanford Language Center’s ambitious program of large-scale, proficiency-based instruction grounded in program-wide, online assessment and access to enhanced learning spaces.


The Digital Language Lab manages the following facilities. To see the detail of the facilities and equipment, please go to Facilities page. For scheduling, please contact Amy Keohane (akeohane at stanford dot edu)

NOTE: All rooms are equipped with video capture cart.

199 Drop-in Flex area
4 Flat TV screens (42 inch)
2 wall-mounted projectors (instructor's only use)
Walls with whiteboard paint
4 OS/Win dualboot iMacs with headsets and microphones
198 DLL Computer Classroom (= Meyer 280C)
1 instructor’s station, ceiling projector,
2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards
Walls with whiteboard paint
19 folding tables, 3 bi-folding tables with 19 chairs
197 DLL Classroom (=Meyer 280D)
2 instructor's computer, ceiling projector, multi-region DVD player
2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards
Walls with whiteboard paint
10 movable tables with 19 chairs
191 DLL Studio (=Meyer 280E)
1 multi-region DVD/VHS player
2 instructors' stations
2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards,
Walls with whiteboard paint
10 movable tables with 19 chairs
195 and 196 "TouchDown" Instructor's Meeting Spaces
Instructor's Use Only
Flat TV panel
1 table with 3 chairs
Walls with whiteboard paint


The Language Lab supports, trains, and consults students and instructors in a number of ways. The detail of the services for students and instructors are in the Student Services page and Instructor Services page.

Core Service

  • Placement and assessment [ODA, WDA, WPA, SOPI, EFS]
  • Multilingual computing
  • Training students and instructors in lab equipments and facilities
  • Consulting with Coursework user experience and developers
  • Lab orientation and equipment documentation
Student Services
  • Tutorials
  • Online resources
  • Textbook materials

Instructor Services

  • Technology-enhanced classroom spaces and resources
  • Technology-integrated classroom teaching activities, projects, ideas
  • Academic events and consulting