Myths about relinquishing one’s right to say ‘no’

Myths About Relinquishing One’s Right to Say ‘No’

Quite a few rape myths state that certain behaviors imply sexual consent, and a person gives up their right to say “no” to sex when they partake in these activities.  Included in these myths are:

“She went home with him, so what did she expect to happen?”

“She had sex with him before, so it wasn’t assault.”

“He was her boyfriend! How could he have assaulted her?”

“She was walking in a bad part of town with a mini-skirt on at 1AM – she was asking for it.”  “She was dancing with him and kissing him all night – what kind of signal is that?”

“She’s a slut and everyone knows it.”

“She was drunk and flirty and wearing next to nothing – she should have known better.”

In fact, a person has the right to choose whether or not to participate in each and every romantic or sexual behavior regardless of their clothing, alcohol or drug use, previous sexual encounters, relationship with the perpetrator, the way they dance, or any other behaviors.  Even if someone believes a certain action is a ‘signal’ for sex, that does not count as consent and they are still legally obligated to get active and willing consent for each sexual act.