Getting involved

Who can join?

All male Stanford students are welcome to sign up to join MAAN, though membership is not guaranteed.

Who should join?

Common beliefs of MAAN members include:

  • Violence against women is a serious and unfortunately common crime.
  • The perpetrator of violence should be held accountable, not the victims.  No one “asks” or deserves to be the victim of violence.
  • Victim-blaming is unacceptable.
  • For violence against women to end, men must work with women to change the sexist and patriarchal culture that supports it.
  • Men should care about ending violence against women.
  • Sexism, patriarchy, hegemonic masculinity, homophobia, racism, etc. are not acceptable facets of our culture and require change.

What do members do? What does it mean to be a MAAN?

Responsibilities of MAAN members include:

  • Attending weekly meetings
  • Attending required training events and reading required educational material
  • Being an active part of the discussion at the weekly meetings
  • Bringing new ideas to the table and working to implement them
  • Honestly evaluating their own experiences and beliefs on the basis of the models of masculinity and patriarchy presented
  • Volunteering at MAAN events
  • Working to become eligible to be a peer educator and facilitator for MAAN
  • Spearheading new ideas for educational events and community involvement.

When can I join?

New members are welcome in MAAN at any time of the academic school year, but the first few weeks of a quarter are usually best.

How can I join?

Please write to if you would like to see if MAAN is right for you.