Mantis Call for submissions for Mantis 3
UNDER CONSTRUCTION... A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation

Mantis publishes poems, translations, and critical prose about poetry and poetics. Each numbered issue egages a specific organizing theme. We welcome submissions of previously unpublished original poetry, translations, and critical work that respond to the organizing themes of future issues.

Mantis was born out of the desire to facilitate conversation among the variety of writers engaged in the practice of poetry and poetics today. We believe that poetic practice-which includes the production and performance of poetry, and critical engagement with poetry-is always too complicated and multivalent for rigid categorization, and that the lines drawn between "creative" and "critical" poetic practice are all too often starkly made as to limit the possibilities of poetic endeavor. Mantis celebrates the overlapping and merging practices within the world of poetry. And, to the multiplicity of approaches to poetry that we see in the world around us, we want to contribute the richness of a diverse set of voices responding to specific poetic concerns.


For information about future themes, and for subscription information:

Mantis, English Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2087, USA