The maps we create combine aspects of timelines and network diagrams. We have built open source web software using standard web technologies to create and display the maps online. To maximize compatibility and accessibility, we have used only widely-implemented web standards. All you need to view our maps is a relatively modern browser with javascript enabled. See the right column for information on browser support.


The maps use HTML 4.01/5, Javascript, CSS 2/3, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. The PHP/MySQL backend feeds information in a standard format to web pages that are subsequently manipulated via Javascript. The editor works in a similar manner.

Libraries & Frameworks

The website relies on a few Javascript libraries to streamline development and enhance the user interface.

The Code

The code that powers our maps and websites is open source, released under the MIT License. If you're interested in reviewing or modifying our code for your own use, please visit our GitHub Repository.


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