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The Kay Lab (2002)

Current members
  • Mark Kay, M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Dennis Farrey Family Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Genetics, Vice Chair for Basic Research (Pediatrics), Email: markay at stanford dot edu
  • Kirk Chu, Research Assistant, chuk at stanford dot edu

  • Melinda Hing, Administrator, Email: mhing at stanford dot edu

  • Hagoon Jang, Ph.D., Postdoc, Email: hjang620 at stanford dot edu

  • Yuqing Jing, Ph.D., Postdoc, Email: yqjing at stanford dot edu

  • Qingjun Luo, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Email: qingjun.luo at stanford dot edu

  • Katja Pekrun, Ph.D., Researh Scientist, Email: kpekrun at stanford dot edu

  • Francesco Puzzo, Ph.D., Postdoc, Email: fpuzzo at stanford dot edu

  • Adriana Gonzalez Sandoval, Postdoc, Email: adgonza at stanford dot edu

  • Ren Song, Ph.D., Postdoc, Email: rensong at stanford dot edu

  • Calvin Jacob Stephens, Postdoc, Email: calvin16 at stanford dot edu

  • Feng Su, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Email: sufsdau at stanford dot edu

  • Jianpeng Xu, Ph.D., Research Engineer, Email: jxu6 at stanford dot edu

  • Feijie Zhang, Research Assistant, Email: zfeijie at stanford dot edu

Lab Alumni

  • Hak Kyun Kim (2007-2019), Now Assistant professor at Chung-Ang University, Korea

  • Matthew Tiffany (2013-2018), Now Senior Scientist at Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc.

  • Gustavo De Alencastro (2014-2018), Now Scientist at Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc.

  • N Philips (2006-2012), Now Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University

  • Robert Muench (2015-2016), Now Research Scientist at Gilead

  • Yue Zhang (2012-2015), Now Bioinformatics Consultant at Genentech

  • Adi Barzel (2011-2015), Now Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University

  • Biswajoy Roy-Chaudhuri (2010-2015), Now Scientist at Impossible Foods

  • Paul Valdmanis (2009-2017), Now Assistant Professor at University of Washington

  • S Wang (2011-2013), Now Clinical Research Specialist at Medtronic

  • Leszek Lisowski (2008-2013), Now Group Leader at Children's Medical Research Institute, Westmead, Australia

  • Lan Jin (2008-2013), Ph.D. Now Staff Scientist at NIH

  • Jiamiao Lu (2007-2010), Ph.D. Now Scientist at Amgen

  • J Mathur (2007-2010), Ph.D. Now Technical Advisor at Zoic Capital

  • Shuo Gu (2006-2014), Ph.D. Now Investigator (faculty) at National Cancer Institute, NIH

  • Dan Cao (2005-2010), Ph.D. Now Scientist at Illumina

  • Dirk Haussecker (2005-2009), Ph.D. Now RNAi consultant at RNAitherapeuticsblogspot.com

  • Dirk Grimm (2001-2007), Ph.D., Now Leader at University of Heidelberg

  • Michael Hebert (2005-2007), Ph.D., Now Patent Agent at Foley and Lardner LLP

  • Xuan Shen (2003-2007), Ph.D., Now Scientist at Agilent Technologies

  • Bassel Akache (2005-2006), Ph.D., Now Merck Staff Scientist Montreal Canada

  • Nandita Nath (2003-2004), Ph.D., Now Research Scientist at Stanford

  • Jacob G. Mikkelsen (2001-2003), Ph.D., Now Associate Professor at Aarhus University

  • Clare Thomas (2001-2003), Ph.D., Now Senior Editor for Nature

  • Efren Riu Pastor (2000-2007), M.D., Ph.D., Now Research Fellow at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • Konrad Streetz (2000-2005), M.D., Ph.D., Now Professor at The University Hospital Aachen, Germany

  • Anja Ehrhardt (1999-2004), Ph.D., Now Faculty at Max von Pettenkofer Institute, Germany

  • Anton McCaffrey (1999-2004), Ph.D., Now Senior Director Biology Research TriLink Biotech

  • Kazuo Ohashi (1998-2002), M.D., Ph.D. is now at his own clinic.

  • Hiroyuki Nakai (1998-2004), M.D., Ph.D., Now Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University

  • Frank Park (1998-2002), Ph.D., Now Professor at Medical Colleage of Wisconsin

  • Kazuo Ohashi (1998-2002), M.D., Ph.D., Now Associate Professor at Osaka Univeristy

  • Stephen Yant (1997-2006), Ph.D., Research Scientist at Gilead

  • Carol Miao (1996-2000), Ph.D., Now Associate Professor at University of Washington

  • Jim Nelson (1995-1999), Ph.D. Now Researh Assitant Member at Benaroya Research Institute

  • G.A. Patijn (1996-1998), M.D., Ph.D., Now Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon at Isala Clinics, Netherlands

  • Andre Lieber (1995-1998), M.D. Ph.D., Now Professor at University of Washington

  • Dave Schowalter (1994-2000), M.D., Ph.D., Deceased, Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic

  • Marie-Jeanne T.F.D. Vrancken Peeters (1994-1996), M.D., Ph.D., Now Surgeon at Red Cross Hospital, Netherlands

  • Mary Hitt (1994-1995), Ph.D., Now Associate professor at University of Alberta.

  • M.L. Liu (1993-1996), M.D., Now Research Associate in Seattle.

  • Abraham Scaria (1993-1994), Ph.D., Now Scientific Director at Genzyme.