For inquiries about research opportunities in the group or to request any material related to our research please use the details below.


Potential Postdoctoral Researchers

Availability of these positions varies depending on particular project needs and funding. If you are interested in joining as a postdoctoral researcher please send Prof. Markland an email detailing you research interests and how they might fit with the group's current research along with a CV containing the names of 3 possible reference writers.

Potential Graduate Students

Graduate students are admitted via Stanford's Chemistry Graduate Program. Prof. Markland is always happy to answer specific questions about the group's current research by email.


The Markland Group is based on the 1st floor of the west wing in the Keck Chemistry building.

Professor Markland's office: Keck 156


See Group Page.

Mailing Address

Department of Chemistry
Stanford University
337 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-4401

Administrative Associate

Maggie Yeung
337 Campus Drive
Stanford, California 94305-4401
meiyee18 at