Christos Kozyrakis receives Maurice-Wilkes Award

Christos Kozyrakis, associate professor of electrical engineering, has won the 2015 Maurice Wilkes Award "for outstanding contributions to transactional memory technologies.” The Maurice Wilkes Award is given annually by the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (ACM SIGARCH) for outstanding contributions to computer architecture made by individuals in the first 20 years of their careers.

Kozyrakis' research focuses on making computer systems of any size faster, cheaper and better for the environment. His current work focuses on the hardware architecture, runtime environment, programming models, and security infrastructure for warehouse-scale data centers and many-core chips with thousands of general-purpose cores and fixed functions accelerators.

The award is named after Sir Maurice Wilkes, a pioneer of computing systems who made fundamental contributions to the field early in his career.