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The Stanford Masters Swimming team is open to swimmers of all ability levels from the Stanford community and beyond.

Membership Dues
  • Stanford Masters Swimming bases its fee structure on the individual's affiliation.
  • All memberships are annual (will expire 12 months after the registration date) and include a $75 non-prorated registration fee. This fee is included in the total of all posted membership rates.
  • Standard and Discounted structures are listed below. If you belong to any of the qualifying discount groups listed below, please indicate your affiliation during the online registration. Discounted memberships are subject to verification.
  • Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please review our Billing Policy for complete details.
  • All members of Stanford Masters Swimming must be registered with Pacific Masters Swimming/United States Masters Swimming (USMS) as members of Stanford Masters Swimming (club code STAN).

Membership Type Terms Dues
Community Member
No Stanford Affiliation
Annual $785
Stanford Alumni
Must have SAA email account
Annual $510
Stanford Affiliated
Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholars, Fellows, Medical Center Staff, Dependent, Benefited Retiree
Annual $480
New Stanford Alumni
Undergraduate degree within last 3 years – must have SAA email account
Annual $255
Stanford Undergraduate, Graduate or Postdoc Student
Masters, PhD, postdoc, medical students, medical residents
Annual $180

Additional Discounts
Members are also eligible for an additional 30% discount if they fall under the following categories listed below (subject to verification and can only be applied once):

  • Professional Triathlete with a USAT ELITE License Number
  • Olympian
  • Former Stanford Varsity Athlete
  • Current San Mateo or Santa Clara Government Employee
  • Military personnel (Active, Reserve or Retired Duty)
  • Family plan for spouses, partners, or children within a single residence (first family member at the regular rate, each additional member will have the discount)

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* Last update: October 22, 2019