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We are your first point of contact

Several readers have asked if they may contact current students and faculty directly. The answer is no, please don't!

Faculty and students are incredibly busy. In addition, neither faculty nor students have the time to keep up with changing admission procedures or policies.

Questions about the MBA Program here at Stanford, or about the admission process are best and most accurately answered by counselors in the MBA Admissions Office. Call or email, we are friendly, easy to talk to, and happy to help you.

We have set up several programs to give you the opportunity to meet students via the GSB's on-campus outreach events . Class visits, in particular, are great ways to meet faculty as well.

Want to meet and talk to GSB alumni? Come and attend one of our worldwide information sessions.

We know it is easy to find contact information for our faculty and students but we ask that you honor our request and respect their incredibly busy schedules by refraining from contacting them directly.

Thank you!!