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Talent knows no borders

Today's question comes from a prospective candidate in Africa:

Sa'ad from Nigeria asks: I'm thinking seriously about applying to Stanford. Are prospective students from Africa with undergraduate degrees from non-US schools at a disadvantage?

Answer: Being from Africa (or any other continent) or having an undergraduate degree from a non-US school does not at all put you at a disadvantage. Our students have very diverse backgrounds which is, in fact, something we actively seek.

Let me illustrate this with a few statistics: The MBA Class of 2008 includes students from 48 different nations; members of this class went to 162 different colleges and universities around the globe (84 US schools and 78 international schools).

In addition to classmates from every continent, you will also find lots of support among the GSB student-run clubs, many of which focus on specific geographic areas including Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and even Texas.

Let me also quote Eric Abrams, Director of Outreach: "The Stanford GSB strives to build an intellectually diverse student body. We enroll talented leaders--and talent knows no borders."

I hope this answered your question,