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17 April 2008

Earth Day = Low Carbon Diet Day

imageThe Arbuckle Cafe at the Stanford GSB will be celebrating Earth Day, 22 April 2008, as Low Carbon Diet Day.

In conjunction with Bon Appetit, a Palo Alto-based catering company, Arbuckle will be providing a low carbon menu all day.

You may be asking, "What is a low carbon diet? It sounds like a low carb does 'low carbon' mean fewer carbohydrates?"

No, not really. Actually, the menu won't change that much compared to other days, but the source of the food will be different. Usually, the cafe imports food from outside the Bay Area so as to be financially competitive. But on 22 April, the cafe will use local produce as much as possible to reduce the carbon emission from transporting the food.

We can cut carbon while enjoying seasonal fresh ingredients from local farms! It is great for our body and for the earth.

This is one example of the GSB taking small but firm steps to address environmental challenges, part of our commitment to helping change the world.

Tomomi D