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The Power of Leveraging Various Perspectives

One unique aspect of the Stanford experience is how porous the walls are between the different schools here. We all are not only located within walking distance on the same campus, but we also work to increase the ease with which students at one school, such as the GSB, can leverage the academic experts and future colleagues at other schools. This is something that is valued at Stanford from the President's Office to the individual faculty, staff and students.

The value of multidisciplinary education is not new at Stanford. The Joint MA in Education/MBA has existed in some form since the early 1970s. Nearly forty years ago, Stanford had already realized that pairing organizational management with deep subject matter expertise was a powerful combination. You may hear of other schools that have launched similar programs in the last decade, but the Joint MA in Education/MBA at Stanford also has a tradition of supportive faculty and staff, as well as a community of hundreds of active alumni.

How does the Joint MA in Education/MBA program work? You either apply to the MBA Program during your initial application to the joint program or you apply during your first quarter at the GSB. You experience the program with about 20 other Joint MA/MBA students and begin taking classes at the School of Education as early as your second quarter. During your third quarter, you enroll in the Proseminar, which is a required course you take with the entire Joint MA/MBA cohort. Through this thoughtfully crafted course, you get to know your classmates, meet the faculty of the School of Education, and gain a broad view of the educational landscape. During your second year, you, your School of Education faculty advisor, and I work together to develop a comprehensive program of study that focuses on preK-12 education, higher education, or an individually designed concentration if you have interests outside preK-12 or higher education. Most Joint MA/MBA students complete the program in six or seven academic quarters.

Alumni tell us that the three most valuable components of the Joint MA/MBA program are learning to bridge communication and work styles across business and education, sharing a strong cohort and alumni presence in this niche area, and having the ability to complete the program in approximately two years.

There are many benefits to getting a joint degree, but let me focus specifically on what the School of Education has to offer. At the School of Ed, you'll be part of another great school at Stanford with small classes where master and doctoral students study together, bringing the future practitioners in contact with the future theorists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing education. You'll find a high degree of faculty interaction as well as engagement with other School of Education students which leads to very rich discussions with a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds.

If this sounds interesting, please visit us here.

You can also learn more about other joint programs with the GSB here.

Even if you're not considering a joint degree program, we encourage you to take a few classes outside of the GSB and see issues through a different lens. The Stanford MBA provides you a world-class education in the midst of a world-class university with a long-standing commitment to multidisciplinary thinking.

Nereyda Salinas
Director of Leadership Degree Programs
Stanford School of Education