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9 March 2009

Portable Incubator Hatched for India

Every year 20 million premature or low-birth-weight children are born, many of them in rural areas of developing countries where they have no hope of receiving the medical care they need to survive. Enter Stanford's Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability, a two-quarter course, co-taught by the Business School's Jim Patell in which graduate students across the University look for practical solutions to the problems of the global poor. One of its promising products is the Embrace, an inexpensive ($25 estimated) portable incubator designed to resemble a sleeping bag and heated by a material that keeps bag and baby at a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees for four hours without electricity.

Jane Chen, MBA 2008 The Embrace organization is itself in the incubation stage. The four-student team came up with the idea and developed it in class in 2007. Last June, two of the original team members, Jane Chen, MBA '08, and Rahul Panciker, PhD '08, Engineering, won an Echoing Green Fellowship, which provides seed funding for the project of up to $90,000 over two years. The organization has since received nonprofit status, the incubator and its heating system has a provisional patent, and Chen and Panicker are now in India conducting clinical tests of the Embrace. If all goes well, they will return to India later this year to test it in a community setting. See

Source: Stanford Business

12 March 2009

Diversity in Action

The diversity of our students and our community is what makes the GSB such a dynamic place. People often ask us how we define diversity. For us, it's really about the breadth of perspective our students bring. You've probably read Derrick Bolton's thoughts on the subject, but if not, take a look here.

The breadth of perspective at the GSB is incredible. If you're interested in seeing this in action, there are two upcoming events you might be interested in. The xxFactor: Women Changing the World event will be held on 16 May. Hosted by the Women in Management club, the alumnae Women's Initiative Network, and the MBA Admission Office, this conference is geared toward women who are interested in applying to business school. This year's conference will focus on who attends business school and why, what kinds of opportunities are available for MBA graduates, and why experiential learning is transformational. All prospective students are welcome to participate. Applications are due 10 April. You can find more information here.

Many Voices: Perspectives on Diversity is hosted jointly by the Asian Society, Black Business Students Association, Hispanic Business Students Association, and the MBA Admission Office. This event provides the opportunity for you to meet GSB alumni, students, faculty, and staff, and to gain insight into our admission process. The event will be held on 17 May, and again, all are welcome. To attend Many Voices, you need to apply by 10 April. More information is available here.

Seeing the range of ideas and talent within our community might just help you envision how you would make a difference at the GSB. We look forward to meeting you at one or both of the events!

26 March 2009

Apply Now for Round 3

All know who you are. You've been to our website, started an application, maybe even drafted an essay or two. All the while, you've been wondering, "Should I or shouldn't I?" "Is now the right time?" "Do I stand a chance of getting in?"

The media hype says that business school applications soar when the economy is bad and, as such, there won't be any spots left for third round applicants. This simply isn't true. And we worry that some great people may delay applying because of these misperceptions. Historically, we've found that applications follow demographic cycles more than economic cycles.

We assure you that we admit outstanding individuals in all three rounds--this year is no exception. While it is true that the final round typically is smaller than the first two, we do admit excellent candidates in Round 3--including our current Director of MBA Admissions.

So the real question to ask yourself is when do you want to enroll? If the answer is September 2009, then you should apply now in Round 3. If you're admitted, great. If not, then you're in a better position for September 2010 having already begun the self-reflection process for your first-round application.

There is still time to put together a thoughtful and thorough application by the Round 3 deadline of 8 April 2009. So if you've started, take that final step. The bottom line is we can't admit you if you don't apply.