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8 April 2009

Deadline extended for MANY VOICES and XX FACTOR

We have extended the deadlines for both Many Voices: Perspectives on Diversity and XX Factor: Women Changing The World. You may submit your application to attend by Monday, 13 April 2009, 5PM Pacific Time.

For more information on these events visit:
Many Voices
XX Factor

Hope to meet you during one of these events,


9 April 2009

Cool Product Expo 2009

Cool Product Expo
Want to control your Wii using just your mind? In the market for a robot that can help you communicate from home? Need your Prius to get 100 miles per gallon? This year's Stanford Cool Product Expo, co-sponsored by the GSB, the Stanford Product Design & Manufacturing Club, and the Product Realization Network at Stanford, featured all this and more.

The mission of the Cool Product Expo is to generate interest in and excitement around "cool" products and companies in the field of manufacturing and design at Stanford and the community at large. This year's participants included start-ups, university research lab projects, and global manufacturers, all exhibiting products that aren't yet on the market. Many products focused on green technology---like Visible Energy's UFO, which allows consumers to "see" how much energy they're using and then helps reduce that amount.

Other products ranged from handy, to life-saving. D.light Design, co-founded by Sam Goldman, MBA 2007, and Ned Tozun, MBA 2007, exhibited the Nova lamp, designed to replace dangerous kerosene lamps with a clean, safe, and affordable lighting option for families living without electricity. Jane Chen, MBA 2008, one of the co-founders of Embrace (see "Incubator" entry below), was at the Expo displaying a low-cost, portable infant incubator. Many of the exhibitors are hoping to bring their products to market soon. Chen, for example, is in the final stages of development and funding for the incubator, and says, "Our goal is to get this global within the next five years."

16 April 2009

GSB Retires Certificate in Global Management

The GSB faculty has voted to retire the Certificate in Global Management beginning with the MBA Class of 2011. The Global Management Program and the Center for Global Business and Economy will continue to enhance the global nature of the Business School.

Our original reason for creating the Certificate in Global Management back in 1994 was to provide a catalyst for more global content within the MBA Program. Even at its inception, our hope was for obsolescence once the MBA curriculum and our students were more global in perspective and experience. I am happy to announce that the deans and faculty have assessed that this time has come. Over the last 15 years, we have dramatically expanded the global nature of the Stanford MBA Program. With the introduction in 2007 of the Global Experience Requirement and the required Global Context of Management class, as well as an increase in global offerings across the GSB, it is inaccurate to suggest that some of our students are "global" and others are not. We believe that all of our students now graduate with a broader and deeper sense of how to manage effectively in the global economy. We hope you share our excitement that the School has achieved this notable milestone, and all of us in the Global Management Program look forward to supporting our students' development as global leaders.

--John Roberts, Faculty Director, Global Management Program

30 April 2009

GSB Alums on the Hill

It was announced today that Anthony Wilder Miller, MBA 1992, has been nominated by the White House to be the Deputy Secretary of Education for the Department of Education. Miller will be joining Jim Shelton, MA/MBA 1993, who was recently named Assistant Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education.

Other alumni who have made their mark on the hill in the Obama administration include Corey Booth, MBA 1995, Chief Information Officer for the Securities and Exchange Commission; David Lee Katz, MBA 2008, Special Assistant to the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Energy; Aditya Kumar, Director and Special Assistant for the Chief of Staff's Office at the White House; and Penny Sue Pritzker, JD/MBA 1984, national finance chair of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.