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10 May 2011

View from the Top: Jeff Smisek, United Continental Holdings

Jeff Smisek, President and CEO, United Continental Holdings, oversees one of the most complex of business operations, running the world's largest airline following the merger of United and Continental--with 87,000 highly unionized employees, 5,800 departures daily, and more than 140 million passengers each year.

In his View From The Top talk at Stanford, he discusses the role the CEO must play in developing and propagating a customer service culture, aligning stakeholders around a focused plan, and managing crises virtually daily.

31 May 2011

Carole Robin receives MBA Distinguished Teaching Award

As a hedge fund guy, I never thought I would find value in this class beyond formal coaching and mentoring situations, but it has made me more thoughtful, perceptive, analytical, and generally adept at identifying problems and employing the coaching techniques to make powerful and life-altering changes."

So wrote one MBA student in nominating Carole Robin for the 2011 MBA Distinguished Teaching Award, given each year to a faculty member in honor of their passion for teaching and their skill in connecting with students on a personal level.

Another nomination read, she "is one of the instructors at the GSB who has helped me learn the most about myself, and who has inspired the most personal development in me. She has taught me not only how to be open to feedback, but also how to value myself as an individual, coach and leader."

Robin is a lecturer in organizational behavior, who teaches a half dozen classes and is also director of the school’s Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program. She currently teaches Interpersonal Dynamics, High Performance Leadership, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, and Taking Stock and Moving Forward to MBAs.

Before being appointed as a lecturer at the business school in 2002, Robin, who was raised in Mexico City, had been a partner and principal at Destra Consulting Group, LLC, an international consulting firm, and had been a national account manager for Honeywell's Industrial Controls Division as well as the 13-state western regional manager for the Modicon Division of Gould, Inc.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Robin said "I am pleased and proud to see both the organizational behavior area and the experiential learning pedagogy that characterizes my teaching, honored with this award. Many of you who have taken classes from me have heard me assert that people do business with people--they don't do business with things, they don’t do business with ideas, they don’t even do business with money--THEY DO BUSINESS WITH OTHER PEOPLE."

Please join me in congratulating Carole Robin!