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8 September 2011

Having bouts of insecurity? Turn them into an advantage!

Hi folks,
Here's an interesting article featuring Stanford GSB Professor Deborah Gruenfeld. It asserts that "Very few people succeed in business without a degree of confidence, but no one is immune to bouts of insecurity."

And if there's anything I've learned from my job in MBA Admissions, it's that the application process can trigger those bouts of insecurity! So many of the questions we hear from you are masked ways of expressing your real fears: "do I have a chance of getting in?" or "how can I get in?"

According to Professor Gruenfeld, "Overcoming this self-doubt starts with honestly assessing one's abilities and shortcomings, then getting comfortable enough to capitalize on--and correct-- them."

I can't think of a better suggestion for you in the application process! The more honest your self-assessment, the more likely you are to apply to the right schools *for you,* and the stronger your applications will be. What's more, that self-reflection will dramatically improve your MBA experience--you'll know why you are here, what you want from the experience, and be a step ahead in the process of transforming yourself as a leader that starts in your first quarter here through the Leadership Labs.

So read on for more thoughts about what to do "when the doubts creep in," and remember that we are more interested in your accomplishments, strengths, and potential to have an impact than in any one essay or test score. I look forward to meeting you at our information sessions or through your application.

Read the article...

Associate Director of MBA Admissions

15 September 2011

Siebel Scholars Announced

Christopher Bockman, Mudit Garg, Woody Hartman, Joanna Pratt, and Karl Werner (all members of the Class of 2012) were just named the 2011-2012 Siebel Scholars.

As Dean Garth Saloner said: “Our goal in our educational programs is to educate principled critical analytical thinkers who can change the world. In this award we honor students who not only have demonstrated academic excellence, but who also through their actions exemplify the values which enable us to achieve our goal: engage intellectually, strive for something great, respect others, act with integrity, and own your actions.”

Siebel Scholars are selected by a GSB selection committee which reviews feedback from professors as well as student-services administrators. The award may include a tuition fellowship/grant.

Congratulations to Christopher, Mudit, Woody, Joanna, and Karl!

27 September 2011

A New Academic Year Begins

Fall is an amazing time at the GSB. As new students arrive on campus, the air is thick with enthusiasm. New friendships are forming, ideas are flowing, and some students are taking the time to reflect on the beginning of their journey. Or as new student Hanif Jhaveri said in a recent Facebook post to his classmates:

"guys, i just woke up in the middle of the night and i couldn't figure out why.. and then i did... the past few days have been incredible...i'm so excited i can't even sleep... you guys are all awesome... every few hours i meet another incredible person with a phenomenal story and a super interesting passion--whether that's travel & logistics or biotech & life-extension mechanisms... thanks for the privilege of being your classmate..."

Welcome to the Class of 2013!