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Tales from the Road

For the last couple of months, our admissions officers have been circling the globe, meeting prospective applicants at information sessions, company visits, and fairs. Here are some stories from the road.

From Lizabeth...The most unusual thing that happened was at the women's session in NYC. One of the panelists was late. When she arrived, she apologized for being late, saying "I was putting out a fire...literally!" Turns out that her firm manages buildings, and one of them was ACTUALLY on fire. She couldn't leave the office until it was put out, but stayed late to help answer every last question. Now that's commitment!

From Seda... I love being on the road and meeting with prospective students who are starting to think (and dream!) about where they want to go to business school. Tokyo was no exception this year, but this year we decided to try something different. Instead of doing the usual large (and very formal) information session with 300+ attendees, we broke our general session into two. As usual, we had an incredible turnout from GSB alumni in Tokyo who shared openly about their experiences at Stanford, along with the messages that many in our community end up discussing (giving back, serving a larger cause, innovation). The difference this time was that everything was really resonating with the crowd, especially in the smaller format. I looked around the room and saw clusters of alumni and prospective students deeply engaged in conversations, but the topic wasn't just Stanford, or business school; they were talking about ideas that could help their country in the face of the devastating tsunami and the challenging economic environment. It was so encouraging to see the Stanford spirit generate so much excitement.

From Lisa...An applicant who was "on the circuit" attending numerous presentations by business schools shared a funny observation with me: “Most alumni shake hands with each other. But Stanford GSB alumni hug each other.” Being a GSB alumna, I could completely relate! The GSB really is a family. There's lots of laughter and merriment when we gather. And our alumni are incredibly excited to meet prospective students and the future generations of the GSB community.