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4 November 2011

Stanford launches institute to alleviate poverty with $150 Million gift

We are very excited to share with you that the Stanford Graduate School of Business has established the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies with a $150 million gift from Dorothy and Robert King, MBA 1960.

The institute's goal is to stimulate, develop, and disseminate research and innovation that enable entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders to alleviate poverty in developing economies.

>> Find out how their interactions with GSB students inspired Dottie and Bob King

>> More about the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies

10 November 2011

The end of EAP, the beginning of FOMO

The end of the EAP is a big deal around here. One of many GSB acronyms, EAP stands for Exclusive Academic Period and refers to the first 6 weeks of school when the first-years focus on their academics. Kind of a "no-fly zone" where organized extracurricular activities are put off until after midterm exams. The idea is that incoming students can get used to being back in school without having to juggle a full calendar.

The end of the EAP was 1 November, and on 2 November, the students organized a huge Student Activities Fair where all the clubs came out to recruit.

In the picture below, you'll see one section of the fair, which extended across the Town Square and filled the Community Court as well. More than 70 clubs were represented, including the Africa Business Club, the Energy Club, the Rugby Club, and even GSB Dogs!

Student Activities Fair at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Among the other amazing opportunities, students could also sign up to be matched with an alumni mentor, to become an Arbuckle Leadership Fellow where they'll get advanced leadership training and coach other students, or join the Women's Entrepreneur Mentoring Program.

All these options lead to another common syndrome around here--and another acronym--called FOMO, "fear of missing out." There's so much to choose from that students say they struggle with having to decide how to spend their time...but more about that another time.

It was a veritable smorgasboard and reminded me how much of the richness of the learning here occurs outside the classroom.

--Allison Davis

17 November 2011

Admission Advice from Derrick Bolton

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Derrick Bolton, assistant dean and director of MBA Admissions at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, talked to Melissa Korn and shared some great--and perhaps surprising--admission advice.

When asked how an applicant can stand out, he answered, "Don't try to stand out."

When asked about applicants using admissions consultants, he replied, "How can someone who doesn't know you help you be a more authentic version of yourself?"

>Read the full interview ...

--Allison Davis