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3 December 2012

Even More Admissions Myths Debunked

MYTH 1: If I worked full-time during or before college, I can count those months as "full-time work experience."
THE TRUTH: We value all work experience, including jobs or military service you've had before graduating college. We ask that in the box for “months of full-time work experience," you include only the months of full-time work experience SINCE you graduated from your undergraduate university, calculating the number of months from your college graduation until September 1, 2013. This is simply for data reporting purposes. You'll see that statistic in our class profile so we want the data to be consistent across the entire applicant pool. It has NOTHING to do with how we evaluate applications. If you pursued a full-time career prior to graduating college, we would be eager to hear about your personal journey and the choices you've made.

Since the application form doesn't fit every person's situation, we ask that applicants who have worked full-time before graduating college report that in the Part-Time Employment section and indicate 40 hours in the "hours/week" box. We read everything and will connect the dots that you were working before or throughout college. Also, the resume we ask you to submit will show us your career path.

MYTH 2: After I submit my application, I will receive regular updates on my status throughout the application process.
THE TRUTH: Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to update each applicant's status for every step in the process. When you submit your application via Hobson's ApplyYourself, you will receive an immediate message thanking you for your submission. Your application status in Hobson's ApplyYourself shows as "Submitted." Approximately two weeks after the application deadline, all applications are updated to "Your application is currently under review." This line will appear under the "Submission Status: Submitted" line. (Note that all applications are reviewed even if they are missing documents like recommendations. We will evaluate your application and make a decision based on the application documents that you submitted.) You will be contacted via email by our office if you are invited to interview; your application status will remain "Under Review." On the decision notification date, you will receive an email that the decision on your application has been posted. You will be directed to log into your Hobson's ApplyYourself account, where you will see your decision letter.

MYTH 3: It's critical to visit campus before I apply. If I can't schedule a visit before the application deadline, I'd better wait to apply in the next application round.
THE TRUTH: Visiting campus does not affect your chances of admission whatsoever. It may be of value to you as part of your research on which schools to apply to; that's up to you. Keep in mind that many of our applicants come from outside the U.S. so we couldn't expect everyone to visit. If you have only one chance to visit, come after you've been admitted for Admit Weekend, where you'll meet students, alumni, faculty, and your future classmates.

Thanks for reading! Visit our website to learn more about our admission process and upcoming application deadlines.

10 December 2012

Happy Holidays from MBA Admissions

In two days, we will be admitting our first round of Class of 2015 MBA students, which is always a busy and exciting time for us. This leads right into the holiday season, during which time Stanford University shuts down and the MBA Admissions Office is closed (22 December-6 January). This gives us time to regroup as we head into Round 2 (which is a good thing, because, let's face it, we could use a breather at the conclusion of Round 1). Many of you applying in Round 2 probably plan to work on your application over the holiday break. If you have questions during our winter closure, please take a close look at our website; most of your questions are answered there. You can also submit questions via the website, but there will be a delay in our response.

As a reminder, the deadline for applying in Round 2 is 9 January 2013, 5:00 PM PST. We look forward to reading your application in the new year!

18 December 2012

Register Now for Winter On-Campus Events

On-campus events are winding to a close for 2012, but we've just opened registration for next quarter's offerings. Information sessions will resume on 7 January 2013, and class visits on 14 January. Find out more about these, and other on-campus events, on our website.

Visiting Stanford GSB is a great way to get to know our program better, but a campus visit is neither required nor expected. But we can virtually guarantee that, should you decide to visit, there will be no snow!