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Happy Holidays from MBA Admissions

In two days, we will be admitting our first round of Class of 2015 MBA students, which is always a busy and exciting time for us. This leads right into the holiday season, during which time Stanford University shuts down and the MBA Admissions Office is closed (22 December-6 January). This gives us time to regroup as we head into Round 2 (which is a good thing, because, let's face it, we could use a breather at the conclusion of Round 1). Many of you applying in Round 2 probably plan to work on your application over the holiday break. If you have questions during our winter closure, please take a close look at our website; most of your questions are answered there. You can also submit questions via the website, but there will be a delay in our response.

As a reminder, the deadline for applying in Round 2 is 9 January 2013, 5:00 PM PST. We look forward to reading your application in the new year!