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Let the Myth Busting Begin

It's that special time of year again. Halloween is just behind us, Round 1 applications are being reviewed, and the Round 2 deadline is coming up soon. It can all mean only one thing - time to debunk some common myths surrounding the admission process.

MYTH 1: The interview has a lot of weight so if I blow the interview, I have blown my chances of being admitted.
THE TRUTH: There is no specific weight assigned to the interview; the interview is one part of a comprehensive process. A positive interview does not guarantee admission, while a less than favorable interview does not, by itself, preclude admission. The written application, including the essays and letters of reference, is a critical part of the evaluation process. The interview is a key source of supplemental information.

MYTH 2: I received my interview invitation early in the round so it must mean I have a better chance of getting admitted.
THE TRUTH: The timing of your interview invitation reflects only the order in which your application was reviewed (and the order in which your application was reviewed doesn't mean anything, honest!). Applications are not reviewed in any particular order, and applicants are not ranked.

MYTH 3: Visiting campus before or after I've submitted my application is an important way to demonstrate my interest in Stanford and increase my chances of being admitted.
THE TRUTH: Visiting campus does not affect your chances of admission whatsoever. Think of it this way - we wouldn't want to bias the process towards only people with the proximity, time, or resources to visit. You may wish to visit if it's helpful to your research and decision-making process about schools. Of course, we always welcome visitors! But we also understand that for some of you that may not be feasible. If you have only one chance to visit, save your time and money and come after you've been admitted for Admit Weekend, where you'll meet students, alumni, faculty, and your future classmates.

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more myth busting, or if you can't wait, you can learn more about our admission process on our website.


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