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The texts are available in Ladino and English in PDF format. They are divided into sections for faster download. Click on the link to download each section.

kanunname de penas

Kanunname de Penas


Yisrael, Reuven Eliyahu, Traduksyon Livre de las Poezias de Rosh ha-Shana i Kippur

The POEZIAS are brief liturgical compositions for the Jewish New Year and the Day of Atonement.

buen dotrino buen dotrino

Jerusalmi, Isaac, From Ottoman Turkish to Ladino

The BUEN DOTRINO consists of a series of texts on commendable qualities, such as prayer, study, trust, etc.




Alschech, Josef, The Selihoth of the Sephardim

song of songs

Jerusalmi, Isaac, The Song of Songs in the Targumic Tradition

song of songs song of songs
song of songs