Tiffany Ho

Tiffany received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego in 2012. In her graduate work, Tiffany combined quantitative cognitive-behavioral modeling with psychophysics and task-based fMRI to understand perceptual decision making/visual attention in healthy young adults. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Tony Yang at the University of California, San Francisco from 2012-2015 examining task-based and resting-state fMRI patterns that differentiated depressed from healthy adolescents. As a postdoctoral researcher in the SNAP lab, Tiffany is expanding her work to understand why adolescence is a susceptible period for depression and suicidal behaviors and how stress mechanisms contribute to this risk. She is particularly interested in understanding meaningful changes in the brain over the course of adolescent depression so that we can potentially identify subtypes of depression or predictors of treatment response. The goal is that this information can ultimately be used to inform other research focused on uncovering novel treatment targets, as well as help guide decisions on the timing and selection of an intervention.