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Drug Delivery

Antibody: A biological protein that is designed to target an antigen to respond to foreign substances in the body. Every type of antibody targets its own unique antigen. 

CT Scan: Computer topography, also know as CAT scan (computer axial topography).

Fluoroscopy: Uses a constant stream of x-rays that hit tags such as nanoparticles to image

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Highly powered magnets caused interactions with the hydrogen nuclei of water molecules. Slight differences in how the nuclei align produce the image.

Nano: Means one billionth. One nanometer (1nm) = 1/1,000,000,000m.

Nanodots: Nanoparticles that consist of homogeneous material, especially those that are almost spherical or cubical in shape

Nanoparticles: Aggregates of atoms bridging the continuum between small molecular clusters of a few atoms and dimensions of 0.21 nm and solids containing millions of atoms and having the properties of macroscopic bulk material.

Nanorods: Nanostructures that are shaped like long sticks or dowels, with a diameter in the nanoscale and a length possibly much longer.

Nanoshells: Gold nanoshells are spherica nanoparticles consisting of a core nanoparticle (typically gold sulfide or silica) surrounded by thin concentric gold layers.  [14]



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