Art of Science 2016

The Art of Science is a student-organized competition where scientists and engineers showcase the artistic inspiration in their work. The 2016 competition had 27 finalists with 25 print and 2 cross-media exhibits and was held in Packard Atrium on May 20th. The artwork was judged based on scientific and artistic merit.  Our judging team included:

  • Dewitt Cheng – Stanford Art Spaces Curator
  • Bruce Clemens – Walter B. Reinhold Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Aaron Lindenberg – Associate Professor Materials Science and Engineering
  • Susan Roberts-Manganelli – Director of the Art+Science Learning Lab at the Cantor Arts Center
  • Pamela Davis – Artist and Lecturer at the D. School

Special thanks to the Stanford Materials Research Society for hosting and GSC and IEEE for their financial support.

Judge-Selected Winners:

People’s Choice Winners:


Not Pictured:

Unitarity by Alex Kwiatkowski:

Simulated quantum dynamics with a carefully chosen Hamiltonian can produce interesting visual patterns. This is a simulation of a relatively low-dimensional system, and each moving object represents the time-evolution of a wavefunction coefficient plotted in the complex plane.

A Method: A Crystal Structure by Katherine Walker

Cross stitch of an unexpected 3 palladium-2 oxygen intermediate compound as characterized by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy.