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Winners Announced for Art of Science 2016

The Art of Science is a student-organized competition where scientists and engineers showcase the artistic inspiration in their work. The 2016 competition had 27 finalists with 25 print and 2 cross-media exhibits and was held in Packard Atrium on May 20th. The artwork was judged based on scientific and artistic merit.  Our judging team included:

  • Dewitt Cheng – Stanford Art Spaces Curator
  • Bruce Clemens – Walter B. Reinhold Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Aaron Lindenberg – Associate Professor Materials Science and Engineering
  • Susan Roberts-Manganelli – Director of the Art+Science Learning Lab at the Cantor Arts Center
  • Pamela Davis – Artist and Lecturer at the D. School

Special thanks to the Stanford Materials Research Society for hosting and GSC and IEEE for their financial support.

Judge-Selected Winners:

People’s Choice Winners:


Not Pictured:

Unitarity by Alex Kwiatkowski:

Simulated quantum dynamics with a carefully chosen Hamiltonian can produce interesting visual patterns. This is a simulation of a relatively low-dimensional system, and each moving object represents the time-evolution of a wavefunction coefficient plotted in the complex plane.

A Method: A Crystal Structure by Katherine Walker

Cross stitch of an unexpected 3 palladium-2 oxygen intermediate compound as characterized by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy.


Fifth Annual Art of Science Competition

The Art of Science Competition is a campus wide event to celebrate the aesthetic beauty of science. Last year we received over 100 submissions representing more than 30 departments across the university, encompassing the schools of Medicine, Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Sciences, and Engineering. Join the legacy!
An exhibition showcasing the best submissions will take place at the end of Spring Quarter, on May 20 from 4-6 pm. The deadline for submissions is May 6 at 5 pm. We will award $500 in prizes to the best submissions as determined by an independent panel of judges as well as a popular vote.
Submit art here: Submission form
Submission guidelines:
All members of the Stanford community are invited to submit, and multiple submissions are allowed. The focus of this competition is art, and thus the aesthetic rather than scientific quality of the image is key. Creativity and uniqueness will be considered favorably. Images produced in the process of performing research, such as photographs, micrographs, and simulation results, as well as art inspired by science, are gladly accepted. Lastly, think outside the box – last year we received a number of amazing paintings, mixed media and audio/visual works. All submissions should be made through the link above.
Examples from previous years at: Art of Science!
Questions? Contact: