Gerald J. Lieberman

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=== [[Image:Liberman.gif|center|Liberman.gif]]  ===
<center>1925 - 1999</center>
=== Further Information:  ===
=== Further Information:  ===
*[[Media:Gerald_Lieberman.pdf|Memorial (pdf)]] <br>
[[Gerald M. Lieberman Memorial Resolution|Gerald J. Lieberman Memorial Resolution]] [[Media:Gerald_Lieberman.pdf|(pdf)]]  
[[Gerald M. Lieberman Memorial Resolution]]
[[Remembrance by Nancy Packer]] [[Media:Nancy_Packer_on_JERRY_LIEBERMAN.pdf|(pdf)]]
Journal dedication for Gerald's 70th Birthday- <br>[[Media:Probability_in_the_Engineering_and_Informational_Sciences.pdf]] -courtesy of the Cambridge University Press<br>

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1925 - 1999

Further Information:

Gerald J. Lieberman Memorial Resolution (pdf)

Remembrance by Nancy Packer (pdf)

Journal dedication for Gerald's 70th Birthday-
Media:Probability_in_the_Engineering_and_Informational_Sciences.pdf -courtesy of the Cambridge University Press

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