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In this newsletter, you'll find information about your 2018 MS&E Reunion, recent research by MS&E professors and students, faculty profiles and other news.  

Register Now for Your 2018 Reunion:  October 27

Reconnect with your former classmates and professors at the upcoming MS&E reunion lecture and networking brunch.  Retiring Professor Ron Howard will be the keynote speaker, addressing the event's theme, "Making Decisions the Ron Howard Way."  He'll be joined by Jeannie Kahwajy (MS&E PhD '00) and Ali E. Abbas (MS&E PhD '04).  Check out the schedule of events and register now.

How a Mathematical Model Could Help Us Curb the Opioid Epidemic

In order to decide which public policies will be our best soldiers for the war against opioid-related deaths, MS&E Professor Margaret Brandeau, lead author Allison Pitt (MS&E PhD candidate) and Keith Humphreys (Stanford Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) created a mathematical model that projected opioid use and addiction among Americans. 

“To effectively combat the epidemic, we need a portfolio of interventions,” said Brandeau.  Read more...

Decision Analysis Pioneer Ron Howard Becomes Professor Emeritus

After a storied career in decision analysis, a field he helped to create, Professor Ron Howard retires from Stanford MS&E. He leaves behind a legacy of scholarship, as well as the many students he mentored along the way.
Read more...  

How Competition Ups Your Innovation Game

MS&E Professor Riitta Katila and her former PhD student Sruthi Thatchenkery (now professor, University College London) recently published award-winning work about the effects of anti-trust regulation on innovation in the software industry. Read more...

MS&E Professor Markus Pelger Discusses Why You Should Care About Risk Management

The #IAmAnEngineer series features financial engineer and MS&E Professor Markus Pelger.  "I think risk management is relevant for everyone; the better you manage risks, the better your decisions are." Read more...

New Lab Transforms Data-driven Research Into Better Government Policies

MS&E Professor Sharad Goel recently launched the Stanford Computational Policy Lab, which brings together researchers, engineers, data scientists and journalists for a common goal: to turn academic findings about social problems into real-life changes to public policy. Read more... 

Where is the Class of 2018?  Results From MS&E Career Collaborative Job Survey Available Now

Want to know where your fellow alumni have landed after graduation? Check out the 2018 career survey.  

Also, the Career Collaborative interviewed Heiko Pieper (MS&E PhD '01) about his post-MS&E experience. Pieper is a partner at End-to-End Analytics, a supply chain services company.

Now on eCorner: Advice from Tina Seelig about Catching More Luck, Plus New FRICTION Episodes

MS&E Professor Tina Seelig teaches you how to catch the winds of luck in her article on eCorner.  Her TED presentation describes three ways to build a sail to catch luck, increasing your ability to see and seize opportunities.

The FRICTION podcast continues with an episode featuring MS&E Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt discussing how to craft simple rules that work for an organization and for your life.  Listen now.


Tenure-Track Faculty Position Available

The department of MS&E at Stanford University is currently hiring for tenure-track faculty working at the frontiers of engineering and the mathematical, computational, medical, physical, and behavioral and social sciences.  Read more...

MS&E Faculty News 

Recently appearing in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management is a paper by Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell and Major Matt Smith (PhD '17), about the risks of cyber attacks for smart grids.  Paté-Cornell also gave a talk to ASEANTOM in Singapore titled "Recalibrating Risks: Reactions to Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima." She gave another talk at NUS on the research of her Engineering Risk Research Group on cyber risk analysis.

Professors Kathleen Eisenhardt and Robert Sutton made the Academy of Management Learning and Education top 100 list of "the most influential authors in organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy, and general management."  

Professor Amin Saberi published a working paper with co-authors Professor Mohammad Akbarpour (Stanford Economics) and Suraj Malady (Stanford Economics PhD student) about how information can spread with "random seeding."  SOE published an article about the work.

Professor Robert Sutton recently wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal about how bosses waste their employees' time.  This work is part of Sutton's Friction project.

Zeyu Zheng (MS&E PhD '18) joined the faculty of UC Berkeley Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

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