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Winter 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to 2019!

In this newsletter, we reflect on the past year, look ahead to a bright future and showcase MS&E students.
2018: A Year in Review

To mark the new year, we're looking back at 2018 and giving you a chance to revisit a few of our favorite moments, profiles, articles and events, including our MS&E reunion. (To go straight to the reunion recap, lecture videos, and photo gallery, click here.)

Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell discusses risks in cybersecurity, space travel and more

Only for Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell could a conversation with a stranger on an airplane lead to working on a mission to Mars with NASA. We talked with Paté-Cornell about her unique path to Stanford and her current work in cybersecurity.

This story is rated five stars!

If you've ever finished dinner at a five-star-rated restaurant and thought it was "just ok," you're not alone. MS&E Professor Ramesh Johari and PhD student Nikhil Garg (Stanford EE) published new research about inflated ratings and how we might fix them.  Read more...
Lessons, insights, and a winding path to success

From his perspective as a first-generation student, David Medina (BS '09) offers encouragement and opens up about obstacles encountered, lessons learned, and how experiences from his time at Stanford have led him to a rewarding career in intellectual property law.  Read more...

Now on eCorner: lean companies, junior stock exchanges, and ethics for entrepreneurs

How can you go deeper than surface-level lean concepts and ultimately succeed? Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt's case study details two lean drone companies and describes why one found success while the other closed up shop.  Read more...

Market catalysts like incubators, science parks, and junior stock exchanges can have negative economic influence, contrary to their intention. Watch Professor Charles Eesley and Robert Eberhart (PhD '14) discuss their study.

Professor Tom Byers describes the current state of ethics training in entrepreneurship education and makes a case for its importance.  Read more...
Spotlight on students:  research & profiles

MS&E students do some amazing things, so we're dedicating this section to our undergrad, MS and PhD students.
Our current PhD students hail from many parts of the world and study an unusually diverse set of subjects. Meet five of them here, and view profiles of many more of our talented PhD students here.
You can access our MS&E PhD dissertation library here.

What a drone industry rivalry teaches us about organizational styles

Two fierce rivals battled for market share in the drone industry, starting in 2012. MS&E PhD candidate Robert Bremner followed their stories and describes how one company's flat organizational structure fared against the other's hierarchical one.  Read more...

Two students tell us about life at MS&E

PhD candidate Alton Russell studies clinical decision making for gastrointestinal cancer, pediatric nephrology and the safety of blood donation and transfusion. Watch a video spotlight of Alton, who recently won three awards for his work.

Senior Averie Collins discusses the Stanford community and how she balances soccer, studies and a social life.  Read more...

MS&E students discuss internship experiences

Internships can be a valuable opportunity to turn academic learning into real-life experiences. Three students spoke about their summer internships at a Stanford MS&E Career Collaborative Program panel. (Pictured: Lakshmi Prakash)  Read more...
MS&E recently held a retirement celebration for Professor Robert McGinn. Read about Prof. Emeritus McGinn's work in the field of ethics in engineering, and his book on the topic, in a previously published spotlight.

In a remarkable turnaround, the number of opioid overdoses in Dayton, Ohio has been driven down by more than 50% in the last year. Research by authors including MS&E Professor Margaret Brandeau and Allison Pitt (PhD '18, MS '10) was mentioned in NYT coverage of Dayton's strategy.

Professor Kay Giesecke participated in a panel at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Stanford to discuss the impact of AI on financial services companies. Coverage appeared in Top 1000 Funds.

Professor Aaron Sidford's research papers, "Solving Directed Laplacian Systems in Nearly-Linear Time through Sparse LU Factorizations," and "Exploiting Numerical Sparsity for Efficient Learning: Faster Eigenvector Computation and Regression," were presented at the top-tier FOCS 2018 and NeurIPS 2018 conferences, respectively.

Professor Emeritus Richard Cottle won the 2019 Saul Gass Expository Writing Award from INFORMS, which recognizes authors in operations research and management science.

Tina Seelig, Professor of the Practice, received the 2018 Richard W. Lyman Award, which is given to one faculty member per year for extraordinary service to Stanford alumni.
Four Stanford students, including MS&E senior Philip Clark, have won 2020 Schwarzman Scholarships for graduate study at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

PhD candidate Hongseok Namkoong won a Best Student Paper award from the INFORMS Applied Probability Society for his work, as well as a Best Paper Award at NeurIPS.

PhD candidate Kevin Tian's research was presented at FOCS 2018, one of the top theoretical computer science conferences. And PhD candidate Carrie Wu's research was presented at NeurIPS 2018, a top-tier machine learning conference.
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