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In this newsletter, you'll find a recap of your 2016 reunion, news about leading research by MS&E professors and students, and profiles of new faculty and staff.

MS&E Reunion Recap: A Festive Yet Informative Event!

Nearly 300 alumni, faculty, and guests gathered for the 2016 MS&E reunion to catch up, network, and hear presentations about timely topics by MS&E faculty Sharad Goel and Elisabeth Paté-Cornell, and PhD candidate Cora Lynn Bernard. Read more and find links to videos and the research here...

Check out the reunion photo gallery.

New Staff:  Linda Esquivel is MS&E's New Link Between Students, Employers and Alumni

Meet Linda Esquivel, who recently filled a new position to facilitate interaction within the MS&E community and help students prepare for their careers. Read on to learn more about her plans.

New Faculty:  Professor Aaron Sidford Wants to Push the Theory of Optimization & Algorithm Design to New Heights

MS&E is pleased to welcome Professor Aaron Sidford to the faculty. He will be teaching a new course next quarter, MS&E 313: Almost Linear Time Graph Algorithms.  Learn more about his research interests here.
Research:  How Flash Teams Could Reinvent the Way We Work

New research shows that a "flash team" of people who have never met produce a quality work product faster than a traditional team. How?  MS&E Professor Melissa Valentine made it her mission to find out.  Read more...

Research:  How a Plan Designed to Discourage Reckless Investing Could Backfire

In a new study, MS&E Professor Markus Pelger suggests that "CoCo bonds," a financial instrument designed to prevent too-big-to-fail banks from needing government bailouts, could create perverse incentives for banks to pre-emptively file for bankruptcy.  Read more...
Research:  How to Tame a Turf War in a Global Economy

MS&E Professor Pamela Hinds shares findings from a recent study about the tensions that arise at global technology companies whose talented people are often scattered across offices around the world. Read more...

Research:  A New Statistical Test Shows Racial Profiling in Police Traffic Stops

When MS&E Professor Sharad Goel and two students studied data from 4.5 million North Carolina traffic stops, they found that police in that state exhibit racial bias when deciding who to search.  Read more...

Education:  The Nature/Nurture Debate About Entrepreneurship

Society tends to glorify the so-called "born entrepreneurs." But again and again, history proves that entrepreneurship is also a skill that can be learned.  Read more...

Hot Off the Presses:  New MS&E Faculty Books 

> Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell's book, Perspectives on Complex Global Challenges, compiles essays by leading experts in education, energy, healthcare, national security and urban resilience.  “Our objective was to present these problems in their full complexity, examining them from different perspectives, emphasizing rationality above all else,” says Paté-Cornell.

> In his book, Energy Efficiency:  Building a Clean, Secure Economy, Professor Jim Sweeney examines the energy policies and practices of the past forty years and their impact on three crucial systems: the economy, the environment, and national security.

> Professor Sig Hecker’s new book, Doomed to Cooperate, details efforts of the U.S. and Russia to secure nuclear weapons and bomb-making materials in the early 1990s.  

> The second edition of visiting Professor Olivier de La Grandville's book, Economic Growth: A Unified Approach, was just released with five new chapters, including topics such as "How Much Should a Nation Save and Invest?"

MS&E Faculty & Students in the News 

> Professor Chuck Eesley, PhD graduate Daniel Armanios, Professor Kathy Eisenhardt and Jizhen Li (Tsinghua University) published a new study in Strategic Management Journal about how entrepreneurs acquire public resources in emerging economies.  View the brief video abstract here.

> Congratulations to Professor Kathy Eisenhardt for receiving the AIB Fellows' Eminent Scholar Award; to Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell for receiving an honorary degree from the University of Strathclyde; to Professor Riitta Katila for winning the Schendel Prize for her scholarly impact; and to Professor Emeritus Kenneth Arrow, who was just elected an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

> Professor Margaret Brandeau became an honorary professor at the National University of Engineering in Peru.  She also recently gave the Philip McCord Morse lecture, "Public Health Preparedness: Answering (Largely Unanswerable) Questions with Operations Research," at the annual INFORMS meeting.  

> Adjunct Professor Peter Haas was named an INFORMS Fellow "for sustained and fundamental contributions to discrete-event simulation and interactive sampling-based analytics for massive data sets, as well as for significant service to the simulation community."

> Secretary of State John Kerry stopped by to share words of encouragement for MS&E’s “Hacking for Diplomacy” class.  Get links to pictures and news coverage of his visit on the class website.

> Articles:  Adjunct Professor Steve Blank wrote an article for Harvard Business Review:  “Why Visionary CEOs Never Have Visionary Successors.”  In an August Wall Street Journal article, "As Forecasts Go, You Can Bet on Monte Carlo," the work of Adjunct Professor Sam Savage was cited.

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