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2017 MS&E Alumni Reunion:  10/14/17

Join us at the MS&E reunion to reconnect with former classmates, network with other alumni, and engage your brain.  Professors Ron Howard, Robert McGinn, and Pamela Hinds will discuss the changing nature of work in a series of dynamic presentations.   Get more information and buy tickets now...

Stanford Open Policing Project Establishes Searchable Database of Traffic Stops

Data scientists from MS&E with Stanford journalists and computer scientists have created the Stanford Open Policing Project, a public database of 130 million records of police interactions from 31 state police agencies.  The conclusion?  Minority motorists are held to a double standard.  Read more...

MS&E Professor Warren Hausman Retires After 40 Years of Service at Stanford 

MS&E held a small, private gathering in May to celebrate the illustrious career of Warren Hausman, now Professor Emeritus. Colleague Hau Lee presented Hausman with a gift from more than 50 of his former students.  Read more...
AFTLab Seeks Solutions to Financial Industry Problems

Stanford recently launched the Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory to accelerate fintech research and education.  Said Professor Kay Giesecke, "Machine intelligence is good for much more than creating self-driving cars or smarter social media algorithms. Its real promise is in shedding more light on a wide array of financial issues that ultimately affect millions of people. " Read more...

MS&E Professor Bob Sutton Collaborates With STVP on FRICTION Podcast, Launches New Book

Over the summer, STVP worked with MS&E Professor Bob Sutton on a podcast called “FRICTION,” Sutton’s term for the types of things that frustrate employees, fatigue teams and cause organizations to flounder and fail.  Episode seven features an interview with Professor Melissa Valentine about the "Virtues of Hierarchy, Structure, and Temporary Teams." 

Sutton also has a new book out on September 12:  The Asshole Survival Guide: How to  Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt.  Read more about his inspiration in his Spotlight Profile...


Alumni Profile:  MS&E Spotlights Contributions of Peter Haas, Adjunct Professor and Ph.D. (1986)

Longtime Adjunct Professor Peter Haas recounts his early days at MS&E in the latest Spotlight Profile.  Said Haas, "I was trying to spread [an] appreciation of these elegant, beautiful, applicable and practical results to a new generation of students."  Read more...

MS&E Adds Public Database of Student Research

MS&E recently updated the website with a searchable database of all dissertations and theses in Stanford's libraries.  Check out recent work by some of MS&E's up-and-coming scholars.

Or read profiles of current students (as well as alumni, faculty and staff) in Spotlight Profiles.  Pictured: Jongbin Jung, Ph.D. Candidate
New Research:  MS&E Ph.D. Studies Cost-effective HIV Prevention Methods in Drug Abusers

The opioid epidemic and increase in IV drug use brings another threat:  a rise in HIV infections.  Ph.D. student Cora Bernard and co-authors (including Professor Margaret Brandeau) studied which public interventions would be cheapest and most effective.  Read more...

Education Opportunity: DFJ Entrepreneurial 
Speakers Series Resumes 10/4

This quarter's lineup of the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders speaker series includes Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe, Patrick Brown of Impossible Foods, and other special guests.  Talks are free and open to the public, on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30pm in Huang Engineering Center's NVIDIA Auditorium.  (Pictured: Amy Chang, Founder & CEO, Accompany)  See the schedule...

MS&E Faculty News 

Professor Melissa Valentine and Professor Michael Bernstein (Stanford Computer Science) are featured in a recent New York Times article for their research about "flash organizations."  

Congratulations to Professor Pamela Hinds, who was just awarded a $500,000 NSF grant to study crowd-based open innovation systems (such as design contests) for physical products.  You can also listen to Hinds talk about getting the most out of a global team on Stanford Radio's "The Future of Everything" show.

Professor Peter Glynn gave the third annual Distinguished Lecture on Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School on June 2.  He also starts his second term on the U.S. Census Scientific Advisory Committee in September.

Kudos to Professor Aaron Sidford, who with co-authors, presented two papers at "STOC 2017 Theory Fest", the annual ACM Symposium on the theory of computing.  His latest paper, with co-authors Yair Carmon, Professor John C. Duchi, and Oliver Hinder (all from Stanford, Hinder is an MS&E Ph.D. candidate), "Convex Until Proven Guilty":  Dimension-Free Acceleration of Gradient Descent on Non-Convex Functions," was recently published by ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning.)

A recent episode of the podcast This American Life (#620 "To Be Real") contained audio of a lecture by MS&E Professor Emeritus Sig Hecker discussing his visit to North Korea to check out their weapons capabilities.

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