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Winter 2014 Newsletter

Risk models to prevent financial meltdowns. Research on how to scale excellence. A free creativity course. These are just a few examples of research, teaching and outreach occurring at MS&E. We invite you to explore some of our recent activities and take advantage of upcoming events.

GieseckeNew MS&E Center Blends Engineering with Finance for Better Risk Modeling

Faculty will use data analytics to provide faster, more accurate risk modeling that could help prevent future financial meltdowns…. READ MORE

StudyMS&E/Law Student Influences Dodd-Frank Law

Student’s analysis helps SEC solve a difficult problem with Wall Street reform law…. READ MORE

Melinda GatesInnovative Founders Give Tech Start-Ups an Edge, MS&E Research Shows

A Stanford study highlights the critical importance of strong technical skills in launching tech ventures, casting doubt on the conventional wisdom that a founding team with diverse business skills is the best approach…. READ MORE

LaurynHow Do You Scale Excellence?

MS&E professor, Robert Sutton, and GSB professor, Hayagreeva Rao, discuss their new book, Scaling Up Excellence, which reveals how the best leaders and teams develop, spread, and instill the right growth mindset in their organizations…. READ MORE

More on this topic: Watch Bob Sutton’s full DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders lecture or video clips here.

LaurynInnovation Through Crowdsourcing: Study Explains What Does and Does Not Work

A new study co-authored by MS&E Ph.D. candidate, Henning Piezunka, finds that organizations that display a feedback button on their website to invite suggestions from customers frequently struggle to foster thriving online forums for new ideas…READ MORE


GlobeStanford Engineering Hero Named: MS&E Professor Emeritus, William J. Perry

MS&E professor emeritus, William Perry, has advised presidents, served as Secretary of Defense and dismantled nuclear weapons…. READ MORE

coachFive New Studies for Innovative Energy Research Funded by MS&E Professor’s Precourt Energy Efficiency Center

Led by MS&E professor, Jim Sweeney, the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC) is funding five new studies focused on performance improvements in hybrid cars, natural ventilation systems in buildings, and programs that financially motivate utility customers to use electricity more efficiently…. READ MORE

coachProfessor Sig Hecker Receives Prestigious Science Diplomacy Award

MS&E professor, Sig Hecker, has been awarded the prestigious Science Diplomacy Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his dedication to building bridges through science, especially in Russia, Kazakhstan, and North Korea...LEARN MORE

coachRegister Now: Free, Online Creativity Course Featuring Warner Music Group Artists

Innovative online course connects participants around the world to build creative problem-solving skills through the lens of music. Starts April 2…READ MORE

coachDFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series Spring Lineup

Attend weekly lectures on campus by founders and senior executives at companies like Yelp, Task Rabbit, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios on Wednesdays this Spring. Podcasts will also be available on the Entrepreneurship Corner website…SPRING SCHEDULE

coachCreating a Culture of Mentorship: Join Our Group of MS&E Alumni Mentors

As a Stanford Alumni Mentor you are a guide, friend and resource who shares your Stanford education and professional experience to help pave the way for MS&E students to succeed at Stanford and beyond…LEARN MORE

coachMS&E Alumni Panel Offers Career Advice to Graduate Students

Alumni panelists at March 5 event gave students specific, practical advice for enhancing their career opportunities inside and outside of class… READ MORE

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