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Quality, Productivity, and Efficiency

This research activity explores how the environment within academic departments and similar organizational units can be transformed to enable and drive the kinds of change needed to improve undergraduate educational quality, redress the teaching-research balance, utilize information technology in effective ways, and improve cost efficiency. The intent is to understand what works in quality assurance within each specific environment, to test tentative answers to these questions, and to translate these conceptual advancements into operationally meaningful programs that can be used by institutions and faculty.

NCPI Reports:

Technical Report

"Teaching and Learning Quality Process Review: The Hong Kong Program." William F. Massy. 1997.
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Publication 6-01


Book Chapter

"Technology's Contribution to Higher Education Productivity." William F. Massy and Andrea Wilger. 1998.
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Technical Report

"Energizing Quality Work: Higher Education Quality Evaluation in Sweden and Denmark ." William F. Massy. 1999.
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Publication 6-06


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