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Project 5.1 State Government and Regional Accreditation Association Policies for Assessment of Student Learning
National Center for Post-Secondary Improvement
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Project Overview
State Self-Study Tools
State and Regional Policies
Assessment Policy Types and Models
Policy Development
Inventory of Instruments and Measurements
Data Collection and Analysis
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Page Brief Description
...[¤] HOME Welcome and Introduction to this Toolkit
...[¤] PROJECT OVERVIEW A Review of the history and overview of this toolkit
...[¤] SELF STUDY TOOLS This section presents policymakers with tools that can be used for conducting self studies of their state's assessment policy.
...[¤] STATE AND REGIONAL POLICIES This section presents descriptions of the assessment policies of the 44 states that have policies and the six regional accreditation associations.
...[¤] ASSESSMENT POLICY TYPES AND MODELS This section presents four types of assessment policies that exist in the 44 states that have polices, and three generic models for structure and design of these policies.
...[¤] POLICY DEVELOPMENT This section presents different strategies for developing and implementing state assessment policies.
...[¤] INSTRUMENTS AND MEASUREMENTS The section presents an inventory of assessment instruments compiled to serve as a resource for state policy-makers who are responsible for implementing assessment protocol.
...[¤] DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS This section presents sample databases and indicators that are being used in states with assessment policies.
...[¤] BIBLIOGRAPHY Reference Bibliography of Resources Used for Project Research
...[¤] REPORTS, PUBLICATIONS, AND PRESENTATIONS This is a list of project publications, most of which can be accessed through this toolkit web site.
...[¤] MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION Contacts for Project 5.1

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