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Richard J. Shavelson

Professor of Education
Former Dean of the School of Education, Stanford University.

Dr. Shavelson scholarly interests focus on various aspects of measurement and validity theory. His work centers on the measurement of individual and group performance in education and work, including such projects as alternatives to multiple-choice achievement tests in assessing science and mathematics understanding. He also conducts research on statistical models underlying the measurement of performance. His current work involves the study of inquiry-based science instruction and its impact on students' knowledge structures and performances, and on gender differences as well as the study of accountability and assessment in higher education.

BA Psychology, University of Oregon; MA, San Jose State College; PhD in Educational Psychology, Stanford University (1971).

Professional Experience:
Dean, School of Education (1995-2000); Professor, School of Education, Stanford University; Professor (by courtesy) Department of Psychology, School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University (1995-present); Assistant Professor of Education, University of California, Los Angeles (1973-75), Associate Professor of Education (1975-79), Professor of Education (1979-87); Dean, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara (1987-93), Professor of Education (1987-96) with an affiliated appointment in Statistics and Applied Probability (1993).

Activities and Awards:
Fellow, Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences; Board Member, Grants Board Committee, American Educational Research Association; Board Member, Graduate Record Exam; Board Member, Yosemite National Institutes; Board Member, Entrepreneurs' Foundation; Board Member, Swedish National Achievement Testing in Mathematics and Science; Board Member, Third International Mathematics and Science Study National Steering Committee.

Current Research:
Measuring individual and group performance in science and mathematics; statistically modeling performance assessment; addressing policy and practice issues in measurement reform; accountability in higher education.

Selected Publications:
"Comparison of the Reliability and Validity of Scores from Two Concept-mapping Techniques" in the Journal of Research on Science Teaching (with Ruiz-Primo, M.A., Schultz, S.E., Li, M., in press); "Note on Sources of Sampling Variability in Science Performance Assessments" in the Journal of Educational Measurement (with M.A. Ruiz-Primo and E. Wiley, 1999); "On the Psychometrics of Assessing Science Understanding," in J.J. Mintzes, J.H. Wamhersee. J.D. Novak (Eds.); Assessing Science Understanding: A Human Constructivist View (with Maria A. Ruiz-Primo, 1999); Assessing Hands-on Science: A Teacher's Guide to Performance Assessment (with J. Brown, 1996); Statistical Reasoning for the Behavioral Sciences (1996).


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